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Picture this: A room packed with over a 100 gorgeous, independent girls, having a great time discussing on topics ranging from current fashion to future goals! A selfie-booth in a corner and a girl rocking the bra-over-shirt trend! And the latest hits playing in the background while everyone’s excitedly busy making pretty lingerie out of paper and competing in a Bra Pong game! Welcome to our first #PSInsider party – exclusively hosted for our campus reps.

With a set up that looked like a rustic wonderland overflowing with cute pop-up stores, quirky collectibles, live performances and a beer garden, we had super fun as the Official Lingerie Partner of the StyleCracker Night Market. We were the prettiest pink store in sight, but the real sparkle was added by all you lovely people who came to our store, shopped and joined us in all the madness that happened behind the photobooth.

BRAmazing - that's how we would sum up the event in one word! Get ready to witness the best and the coolest moments from the BigLingerieParty that we organized for our customers at our office. From playing 'Bra Pong' and taking polaroid pics to grooving to music, dancing and lots of shopping, here's a sneak peek of the event.

Gorging on some awesome cupcakes and cocktails, we met some of our favourite bloggers at the PopXo event at the Litte Door, Mumbai. The highlight of the evening was of course our cute little 'Lingerie Drawer' setup and the crazy, creative boomerangs that the girls took with PS lingerie. Take a look.

All set for some cool waters and gorgeous sunshine, here's a sneak peek into the sexiest pool party by Aqua Diva. A perfect gathering for like-minded women, the afternoon saw some witty conversations and great social networking. And with unlimited sangrias and cocktails, you bet we had a whale of a time while exuding some serious poolside chic

And this Sunday we decided to join Wonderise @Aer, Mumbai for the best fitness party ever! Zumba, Hiphop, Bollyfit...we loved how the participants danced their way to the sun and took their workout to the next level glam with PS activewear. What a perfect morning party 'twas to celebrate the magic hours of sunrise.

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