Work Out Fashion Trends

Everyday is a good day to workout. People who workout tend to live healthier, happier lives. Stay fit, and also stay fashionable during those long training sessions. Its essential to use the right sportswear as it increases performance, which results in better gains and an improved workout. However, the wrong gear can have the opposite effect, and cause someone to underperform.

  PS guide to buying WORKOUT  wear:


Don’t forget, when choosing workout clothes that fabric matters! You do want clothes that fit you nicely and snugly, but nothing TOO tight or snug! You don’t want to hamper your movement or be uncomfortable. And make sure the fabric your workout clothes are made of is breathable. If you trap sweat against your skin, you increase chances of breakouts, sweaty smells and sweat stains on your clothes. The best fabrics to choose for workout clothes are cotton, spandex or elastic types. You will be much more comfortable in something that allows you to move around!


When choosing good workout clothes, keep in mind the type of exercise you will be doing. For running, jogging, cycling or any other type of exercise that involves a lot of leg usage, you’ll want shorts or capris that fit well and aren’t loose or baggy.

For yoga, stretches, weight lifting or other types of exercise that don’t involve cardio or rapid movement, a pair of gym pants or yoga pants with a slight flare at the bottom would be appropriate.


The type of top you should choose to work out in, again depends on the workout regimen you have in mind for that day and the weather as well. We recommend that you should go with a sleeveless top. Sleeveless tops are more comfortable since they don’t trap sweat against your body and they are cooler in the hot months, if you absolutely want a sleeve, don’t go for anything heavy or super long. Keep the material light and the sleeve generally short to keep from hindering movement.


Dark colors always look the most sophisticated for workout clothes. Another advantage of dark colors is that they keep you looking thin and slender. And black especially is always sexy!


I must warn you though; a good quality sports bra is an expensive investment! But, is completely worth it.

Wearing a normal bra doesn’t compress your breasts and means that they are free to move around all over the place whilst you are exercising. This is no good because it means it does not protect the tissue in the breast from stretching. This can lead to back pains after exercise and in the long term … sagging!!


  • Water Bottle

  • Face Wash

  • Body Wash

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Deodorant

  • Change of Clothes & A Towel

  • Comb & Brush