Wonder Bra!
Sexy ways to wear convertible bras

Have a tube dress, but don’t have a bra that provides enough support? And how about that favourite halter top of yours, which forces you to show your strap even when you don’t want to! We’ve all wished for that one single bra that can transform itself into all of our brassiere needs – with straps, without straps, criss-cross, halter – along with providing support, comfort and sexiness! While you may have been disappointed before, you’d be glad to know that you would find your wish come true with our sexy-new collection called ‘Strapless Fling’!

Here’s a guide to how to wear a convertible bra and the best type of outfits that it’s suited for:

Halter style:

A girl’s all-time favorite style, halter comes in a myriad of types. Ribbon-tie halters, braided strap halters, halter with one or multiple piece fronts, regardless of the style, you can comfortably rely on our convertible bra. What’s more, it comes in nine different colours, so it will easily blend with any dress/top that you have.

Halter Style Products featured above: Lime Multiway T-shirt Bra|Green Halter Rose Sundress

Tube/strapless style:

Well, it might be a no-brainer on how to wear a strapless bra, but you would be surprised to find out about the engineering behind making one! From silicone grips to no-show cups, and even the quality of hooks and eye closures, together our bra ensures not only comfort but complete support without the straps. So go ahead and flaunt your bare shoulders, swing your arms, for now you will never have to worry about boob spillage!

Tube/Strapless Style Products featured above: Cobalt Strapeless Flounce Dress|Cobalt Multiway T-shirt Bra

Off-shoulder style:

Girls are indeed lucky! Our tops and dresses exhibit such an extraordinary variance in style, colours, prints and whatnot! And another popular style is off-shoulder, but then again, it comes with the fear of bra somehow slipping off from one side. Let us tell you, the support of any bra comes from the band. The band is what keeps your bust up, while the straps only help in holding the bra in place. Our convertible bra has a wide band and deep underwires, that should pretty much leave you stress-free!

Off-Shoulder Style Products featured above: Black Multiway T-shirt Bra|Red and Black Yoked Contrast Shirt

Racerback style:

It’s one of the favourite styles of an active girl! Popularised in the early 80s, racerback was a favourite amongst runners and swimmers. While it’s easy to wear a sports bra under a tee, you need something far more sleek to wear underneath a cocktail dress or a sexy blouse. That’s where our ‘Strapless Fling’ comes to your rescue. Simply cross-cross the straps in the back and voila, you’re ready to go!

Racerback Style Products featured above: Nude Multiway T-shirt Bra|Coral Lace Racerback Tank