What Men REALLY Think About Lingerie

Ask most guys what they like to see on a woman, and they’ll probably joke: “Nothing!” So, while most of us have a pretty decent collection of lingerie, we have little or no idea what men really think about the sexy little things we own. Do they like it, love it, or don’t care at all? To know the truth, we decided to ask a few men (and friends of friends) and some guys at office and here’s what they had to say.

Tell us what you think about lingerie:


Ankit – I think it’s safe to say most men love lingerie. Of course, confidence is the most important part of this whole experience. You don’t have to go OTT (over the top) with sexy lingerie. In fact, ignore the noise and go for something that will make you feel comfortable and yet sexy! Rahul – Totally! There’s nothing sexier than a woman in lingerie. Having said that, lingerie is not just about frilly things, leather things and garters – it’s a way to express your sensual side. The fact that your partner has taken time and effort to dress up for you, is even more sexy! Zeus – It all depends on the person wearing it. If it makes her feel more confident, why not. Or she could be wearing one of my shirts, and I would find that equally sexy.

What’s your take on Babydolls?


Rahul – Sheer the better. Its true men are visual creatures; but that doesn’t mean you need to have a model’s body to wear one. We are attracted more towards positive attitude rather than a particular weight or size. Zeus – As long as it’s not too frilly or complicated that I feel like I need an instruction manual to figure out the lace, ribbons, straps and whatnot! It’s important that the whole experience is seamless, and it doesn’t leave me confused. Vikram – For me, lingerie is all about playing up your strengths. She should wear something which accentuates her curves and shape, something that flatters her body and that’s enough to feed the mood.

Thongs vs Push-ups. Any preference?

Thongs vs Pushups

Ankit: Too personal. I would rather talk about Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump! Rahul: The preference should be hers, not mine. I would want my partner to put on something that makes her feel fabulous. She should wear what makes her feel comfortable, amazing and special, whether that includes a thong or not. Vikram: Love them both. However, I would love it even more if my partner surprises me without any special occasion!

Last question. Have you ever tried lingerie on yourself?


Gotcha, boys! Just kidding.