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Heard about invisible panties?

First of all, every morning you’re faced with a smorgasbord of bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, figure-hugging pants and whatnot! And as difficult as it is to choose your form-fitting outfit of the day, the other dilemma is to find the right panty that will go with it… underwear that won’t embarrass you with its stupid panty lines!

Well, we can’t help you with the quandary of choosing an outfit! As girls, we’ve come to peace with the fact that we live in an I-have-nothing-to-wear world. But we sure can help you with choosing panties that go invisible under clingy clothes. Check out the benefits of our seamless panties!

No-show solutions:

If you’re worried about visible panty lines (VPLs) under your garment, seamless panties will come to your rescue. For all your body-hugging outfits regular panties just won’t do. So unless you’re totally comfortable with g-strings, your only other option is to go seamless! They’re smooth, stretchy, comfy and will lay absolutely flat under tight dresses, skirts or leggings.

No-show solutions Product featured above: Effortless Black Invisi Hipster|Grey Smoky Anima l Invisi Hipster

Comfort & ease:

If you’re one of those girls who’re not really comfortable with flimsy thongs or g-strings, then it’s time to turn your attention towards seamless panties. In fact, it’s also hypo-allergenic, and the best option for workouts. Even if you’re soaked in sweat, you can be sure there will be no embarrassment. And the cotton lining on gusset ensures total comfort.

Comfort & ease Product featured above: Cobalt Electric Polka Invisi Hipster|Charming Cobalt Invisi Hipster

Full back coverage:

Yeah, sometimes that’s all what you’re looking for, right? Panties that will cover your derriere, hug your hips and make you forget that you’re wearing one. Sleek, smooth and simply sexy, our seamless panty will follow your every curve for a slimming look and will also disappear under your outfit while doing that.

Full back coverage Product featured above: Flawless Nude Invisi Hipster|Flirty Flutter Invisi Hipster

20 shades of sexy:

Oh yes, that’s the best part. From pretty polkas to fresh florals to wild animal and really sexy solids… we bet you won’t find such variety in seamless anywhere else! We’ve literally got you covered in terms of prints and styles. And the sexiest part is, they come with matching seamless bras – can you really ask for more?

20 shades of sexy Product featured above: Ebony Floral Allure Multiway Pushup Bra|Coral Candy Polka Multiway Pushup Bra|Coffee Smoky Animal Multiway Pushup Bra|Frosty Aqua Multiway Pushup Bra