To thong or not to thong!
Underwear Myths Busted

Android vs Apple, Morning person vs The Night Owl, Tea vs Coffee… the world is always divided amongst two kinds of people. Same goes with lingerie… you’re either a thong girl, or you’re not! And if you fall into the latter category it’s mostly ‘coz of skepticism that surround these pretty little things – or – ‘coz you still haven’t tried a PrettySecrets thong! Either way, let’s bust those thong myths!

Thongs can cause infections:

There are no studies that have found a link between thongs and infections. Ergo, your preferred underwear style doesn’t predispose you to any health problems. Nevertheless, some women do notice an increase in UTIs when they wear thongs. And that might be ‘coz of the fabric. However, cotton or any other high-quality material will eliminate such risks. Try our cotton g-string panties. Soft & stretchy, they’ll keep you comfy all-day. And yes, maintaining good hygiene is up to you.

Thongs can cause infections Product featured above: Orange & Aqua G-String Panty|Blue & Pink Solid G-String Panty

Thongs are only for young, skinny women:

By that logic, you must be wearing only sarees and salwar kameezes! No, right? Thongs go great with bodycon dresses, pencil skirts and other figure-hugging outfits. Not only it saves you from any visible panty lines (VPLs), but it also makes your hips look its most natural and its best. Try our Candy Love panties. With a cotton front and a strappy back, this thong is a must­have in your lingerie drawer. And it comes from S to XL size, so get the ‘skinny’ myth out of your head.

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Thongs are worn only to please men:

Lingerie, in general, is about making you feel more confident about your body and yourself. Men certainly find them appealing, but in the end, it’s about how good do you feel about it. Thongs make you feel sensual and sexy and it also brings the oomph in the attitude. So, regardless whether someone is going to see it or not, it’s your absolute right to feel sexy whenever you want it. Try our Daring Affair panty pack. These strappy thongs are super-sexy and it features tiny bows which add an extra thrill.

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Thongs are extremely uncomfortable:

As anyone who has ever used thongs can confirm, there is a wide range in fit, fabric and style. From thick and thin straps, to the type of fabric and even to the type of coverage, you can find a thong that suits you. In fact, many women prefer wearing a thong because it’s one of the few types of underwear that doesn’t ride up on them. Try our ‘Sugar Dip’ thong collection. With a broad waistband and a lace trim, it will give you the comfort you crave and the sexiness you deserve. Besides, you won’t have to worry about the thong pinching or chaffing your skin.

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