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The perfect relationship

Don’t we all love fantasizing about the perfect man? Our very own Prince Charming who will ride in on a beautiful white horse and sweep us off our feet? We have that checklist all ready to go; constantly revisited, revised, folded neatly and stored in the closest pocket. It’s important stuff people! We’re talking about a relationship that lasts forever.

So what really is the perfect relationship? The perfect man has to be good looking (very important, yes ladies?)supportive and caring. He has to be there for you through the highs and the lows, banishing the hard times, and brightening up the dark times. He reminds you about what’s best in you and boosts your confidence when you need it. You’re yourself when you’re with him. And one of the best things about relationships is that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re around him, or even when you’re away from him and remember that he’s out there. I feel some daydreaming coming on…

But wait, what if I tell you there’s another relationship that can easily achieve perfection and last forever? Seems too good to be true? Are you ready for a secret?Here at PrettySecrets we believe our relationship with lingerie is much like one with Prince Charming, or even better because we always win in a fight! Lingerie is there with you everyday, offering support, flattering your assets, and providing as much sexy confidence as you need from it. It’s your own private sexy secret. It’s not just a necessity; it can also be a luxury. Lingerie also grows with us. Not only does it change as we grow older but it also evolves with our style and our favorite fashion trends! Sometimes we’re scared that the perfect relationship doesn’t exist. But what if we can find the perfect lingerie? What if that is one relationship we do not have to worry about?You deserve the best ladies, you deserve perfection and PrettySecrets is here to give it to you!!