The Best Bikini For YOU
The Ideal Styles For Every Shape

Hello bikini season!! Sun, sand and string. Yes we don’t look forward to you,  but we do work hard for you. All those crunches and all those squats – it’s finally time for the pay-off, and are we ready. But, before we can hit the beach comes the big MI. Yes, Mission Impossible. We all know what that is. Finding the perfect swimsuit.

Everybody’s unique, and despite what the fashion police would have us believe, we don’t all have to look the same, with identical surreal physiques. Curves are beautiful, muscles are sexy, pear-shape or apple-shape you should own it! And the best way to embrace your body and highlight its advantages is by making sure you wear the most complimentary clothes you can get your hands on. But when faced with hundreds of styles of swimwear, this task can be a little daunting. Here are our observations on what looks good on the following body types:

The Curvy Body – Keep it Simple

The ideal swimsuit for a curvalicious hourglass figure should not only complement, but also provide adequate support to your assets.
  • Go for solid colors or soft prints. You don’t want anything to bring attention any one area and highlight the specially curvy bits (despite how much we’d like to. But believe us, no one’s going to miss your sexylicious figure).
  • Typically, curvier figures need good support up top, you know, for that slow motion sexy Baywatch run we’re all so familiar with. So try on an underwired, balconette, or broad-strap halter style top. Undwerwires can look really chic and sophisticated too!
  • You don’t want a lot of detail or extra bits to your swimsuit. Keep it simple. A short skirt bottom can also help lengthen your figure.

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The Pear Shaped Body – Pull the attention up!

If your lower half is a little larger, drag the eye up with attention grabbing top. Pair this with a demure, understated bottom.
  • Get the attention where you want it, and away from where you don’t, by wearing elaborate or loud tops. Cleavage detailing, moulded cups, big prints are all helpful!
  • Do the opposite for the bottom, you don’t want attention here. Stay away from detailing and bright prints. Go for solid colors and straight cuts.
  • More Cover! Camouflage bits you don’t want to show off by wearing boy-shorts, hipsters, short skirts; basically, briefs that provide more cover. Also keep this simple. Extra detail will only add volume to your lower half.

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The Athletic Body – Go girly!

If you’re athletic and toned, favor the girly prints and feminine detail.
  • Let your swimwear add a little ‘flounce’ to your step by choosing tops with padding and moulding, and bottoms with hip detail and narrow cuts.
  • Keep an eye out for bright colors and loud prints.

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The Straight Body- Get them curves, or get straight!

The straight silhouette has a wider selection because you can either choose to add some curvature or you can embrace the lack of them and flaunt what you’ve got. Either way, enhance the assets and keep it interesting.
  • Best way to flaunt what you’ve got: the string bikini
  • Best way to get some curves: Moulded cups, padding, ruffles and embellishments on tops and bottoms.
  • Stay away from flat colors and muted prints.

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