The 5 Sexiest Must-Have Bras
Upgrade your wardrobe

“A friend is like a good bra: hard to find, comfortable, supportive, always lifts you up, makes you look better, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, and always close to your heart.”

We cannot agree more to the fact that a good bra is as essential as a good friend. As much as you love to hoard lingerie, are you confident enough to say that your lingerie drawer has it all and is sexy at the same time? Let us run you through the 5 sexiest must-have bras! Nude Bra: Nude bras are very important for any lingerie drawer. They go well with almost any outfit that you wear. But who said that the color nude bra cannot be sexy? Yes, it is a practical bra but does not need to be boring in anyway. A pretty lace or a push up nude bra can do wonders and make you feel as sexy. Nude Bra Seamless Bra: Seamless bras are a must-have for all those who love to wear body hugging clothes but hate bra marks popping out. Every girl needs a no-frills bra and that’s exactly where a seamless bra steps in. But it is important to break free and add a sexy touch to your basic seamless bra. Go for fun prints like retro polkas, florals, bold animal prints, etc. This is a much needed revamp that your basic seamless bras require. Seamless Bra Pop of Colour: While a lot of women prefer being safe with the basic nude, black and white colors, your lingerie drawer still needs a dash of pop colors. Add an element of fun with colors like pop pink, hot red, classic blue, vibrant purple. Pick the one you like and pair it with a semi transparent top. A great way to add a hint of fun and sexiness to your simple tops. Pop of Colour Multiway Bra: We know that you love to experiment with your clothes but a common problem you face is the right kind of bra to wear underneath. Now ladies, multiway bra is a life saver for any of your sexy cut out dresses. We cannot even begin to describe how useful these bras are. You can wear it as a strapless bra, one shoulder bra, cross back or a halter bra. Add some sexy push-ups, designs, fun prints and hot colors to give a twist to your multiway bra. Multiway Bra Cheeky Cotton Bras: For all the people who live in tropical region, know how hot it gets during the summers. The fabric of any clothing matters a lot. So does the material of your bra. This makes cotton bras an essential part of our must-have bras list. Cotton bras make it easy and comfortable to move around, daylong in the hot summer days. You can have all of this and yet make it sexy. How? Add some hot hues to these boring everyday cotton bras. Multiway Bra