The 10-minute Look!
Stylish Looks For When You’re Late For Work

We, at PrettySecrets, believe that running late to work is no excuse to look shabby! We all have days when you lazily roll over only to realise that you forgot to hit the snooze button and now you’re an hour late! Well helter-skelter you might – for breakfast or for a shower – but when it comes to dressing up, we’re going to turn you from drab to fab in 10-minutes flat!

Here are a few stylish looks you can try when you’re late for work – with inputs from our in-house designer Shivani.

Lace formals:

This dress works the best for manic Mondays. An epitome of femininity, lace is something that will never go out of fashion. So if you’re still reeling from your weekend hangover, and even a container full of orange juice is not helping you look fresh and pretty, then let our aqua lace dress come to your rescue.

Style tips: “Since this dress is a statement piece by itself, all you is need is a chic satchel bag and matching pumps for that extra bit of confidence. For lingerie, our midnight blue push-up bra will help you flattering your body to the fullest”, says Shivani.

Lace formals Product featured above: Aqua Lace Dress|Dazzle Darling Midnight Blue Push up Bra

Versatile whites:

“If you’ve woken up screaming murder ‘coz you’ve got precisely 15 mins to get dressed if you want to make it to the client meeting, then go for ever-the-saviour white button-down shirt”, quips Shivani. One can never go wrong with a white shirt, besides that, it’s always advisable to invest in classic pieces that can be worn repeatedly.

Style tips: Got a black pencil skirt or beige pants? Well, a solid-coloured bottom is what you need to make a smart impression. Accessorize with an equally classy watch and black stilettos and get ready to rock that meeting!

Versatile whites Product featured above: Sugar White Convertible Sleeve Versatile Shirt|Ivory Black Raglan Blouse

Bright solids:

According to Shivani, a single, solid colour is all about making a powerful statement. So on days when you’re running low on both confidence and time, try our blazing yellow colour-block dress. The bodycon style helps accentuate the waistline while the zip helps you get a great fit.

Style tips: Tie your hair in a neat bun, grab a small pendant neckpiece (since the dress has a short v-neck), apply kohl, and that’s it, you’re ready to roll. For even more defined curves, try our nude waist-line shaping brief.

Bright solids Product featured above: Yellow Colour Block High Neck Dress|Seamless Nude Waist line Shaping Brief

Anytime leggings:

We don’t think there is a more versatile piece of clothing than leggings. And a classic black lace leggings is a must-have for any working woman’s wardrobe. It’s that goes-with-everything piece; a lacy blouse, a colourful t-back, a tube top, a printed shirt and whatnot.

Style tips: “To give a semi-formal look, pair it with a sexy lace blouse. Our emerald green top goes perfectly with it. Also, invest in a really cool black peep-toes. It’s a multi-talented accessory, low in maintenance and once again, a goes-with-everything piece”, says the designer.

Anytime leggings Product featured above: Classy Black Sneak Sexy Leggings|Emerald Green Panel Lace Top

All-time fave jeans:

In today’s zip-zap-zoom world, jeans can be termed as godsend; almost like a miracle. And we’re sure, you at least have 2-3 at your disposable. So while it would be tempting to throw in your fave t-shirt for a casual Friday at work, we would rather suggest you go for something more fancy and feminine.

Style tips: Try our georgette peplum top! All you have to do is slip into it, put on your hoop earrings, add a dash of lip gloss, and viola, you’re ready to leave the house in 5 mins!

All-time fave jeans Product featured above: Sizzling Cobalt Lace and Georgette Peplum tee |Chirpy Coral Lace and Georgette Peplum tee