Sweat In Style!
Dress your best while working out!

From zumba to power yoga, hip-hop dancing to kickboxing, bootcamp workout to cardio exercises, these days the hot-new trend is to do a different kind of workout every day. While the variation definitely makes gymming more fun, it also comes with the onus of having different looks for different workouts. ‘Coz let’s be honest, who wants to be caught dressed in the usual t-shirt-and-track-pants attire when so many hot guys are swaggering around and working up a sexy sweat!

And since we totally believe that one should exercise to look good and look good exercising, we’ve shortlisted a few trendy and sporty looks (esp. bras) for different activities that we’re sure you’re going to love. Take a look.


Yoga class: Yoga is all about flexibility. That’s why it’s imperative to choose clothing that won’t interfere with your various movements (asanas). For bottoms, opt for quirky leggings which gives natural ease and lets you breathe. And since yoga is also about embracing and expressing yourself along with achieving a balanced state of mind, we’ve chosen, for you, a bright-pink bra with beautiful butterfly lace.

PrettySecrets Lurex Stripe Leggings PrettySecrets Fuschia Sports Bra Cardio

Hardcore cardio: Treadmill, stationary bike or stair stepper, regardless of any type of cardio exercise you choose, you need the right underwear and sports bra – for absolute comfort (down under) and maximum support (up above). Our Showtime racerback sports bra is perfect for moderate impact exercises, but more than that it’s perfect for leaving a sexy impression too! Also, for the pants, keep it well-fitted in Capri style or till ankle-length – but, never-ever go baggy.

PrettySecrets Seamless Panty Zumba

Zumba fitness/ Aerobics: It’s easy to get bored with gym/yoga routine. That’s why an activity like zumba or aerobics, or any other dance workout, which is both physical and fun, can help you stay motivated to excercise. When you’re grooving to thumping, upbeat music, it’s so much fun that you don’t even realize that you’re toning your abs, thighs and arms in the process. And since this type of workout is all about fun, we’re going with funky shorts look with funkier sports bra, socks and a loose t-shirt!

PrettySecrets Beyond Sexy Black Blue Sports Bra Bootcamp

Bootcamp workout: Modeled on old-school military training, bootcamp workout is definitely not for the faint-hearted. From pull-ups and push-ups to lunges and crunches, you’ll be sweating it out along with the other guys (that’s hot, right?!). And since it’s an outdoor activity, you need to create a balance of tight and loose clothing for comfort and a flattering silhouette. Go for slim-fitting capri pants and bright-coloured sports bra that gives maximum support. And shoes to match!

PrettySecrets Blazing Yellow Sports Bra PrettySecrets Berry Cargo Capris

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