Sweat and Sparkle!
Fashionable and functional workout gear

Whether you’re already an active person or planning a workout regime to get in shape, you need a kick-ass workout gear in which you can exercise to look good and look good exercising! Something that is both fashionable and functional. So get on your mark and check out your guide to fitness wear that will help you build an ideal foundation to your workout wardrobe.


We know fashion fades, but style is eternal. You don’t want to compromise on your comfort, but you also don’t want to pick up something that looks ornate on you. So go with something that looks as good as it feels. You could try our strappy racerback sports bras, because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style points while breaking a sweat.

Style Product featured above: Mischievous Magenta “Perform” Racerback Sports Bra|Persian Blue “Perform” Racerback Sports Bra|Pine Green “Impact” Strappy Racerback Sports Bra


After you choose your style, next comes comfort. You don’t want to wear some ill-fitting workout leggings just because they have fancy prints or ‘coz they’re cheap. You need to make sure you’re completely comfortable and at ease while working out. Try our ‘Energise’ cropped leggings. With the right amount of comfort and performance, they’ll instantly get you ‘into the zone’!

Comfort Product featured above: Purple Mosaic “Energise” Workout Cropped Leggings|Black Cluster “Energise” Workout Cropped Leggings|Aqua Aztec “Energise” Workout Cropped Leggings|Geo Pop “Energise” Workout Cropped Leggings


Often, Activewear could also depend on the varying seasons. During winters, you may want to buy something that gives you more coverage, whereas during summers, you might want to go with something more loose and short. In that case, go for our full-length leggings with racerback tank for winters and workout shorts and muscle tank for summers.

Seasonal Product featured above: Tempting Teal “Energise” Workout Shorts & Tank Set|Purple Mosaic “Energise” Workout Leggings & Top Set|Teal Camouflage “Energise” Workout Cropped Leggings & Muscle Tank Set

Shelf life:

Say you found a super comfortable workout clothes, but how long would it last you? A few months? That wouldn’t be worth the investment! Pick your gear that lasts you at least about a year and a half! For that, you need the right fabric. Our entire Activewear collection is completely fuss-free and long-lasting. With a blend of nylon microfiber, polyester, spandex and enticing prints, you can be sure you’ll have a relationship with your fitness gear which would be as enduring as your fitness goals!

Shelf life Product featured above: Charcoal Grey “Energise” Workout Leggings|Black Wild Cat “Energise” Workout Cropped Leggings|Tempting Teal “Energise” Workout Shorts|Flirty Fuchsia “Energise” Zip-Front Sports Bra