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Quiz: What type of a girl are you in a relationship?

Are you hopelessly romantic or someone with her head on her shoulder? Are you the kind of a person who stands up for yourself, or are you a pushover? Are you a giver or a taker in a relationship? Find out your relationship personality by taking this quiz, along with style tips to match your uniqueness!

Today is your first month anniversary, what do you do?

A.I’ll prepare a lavish meal for my man and also make a handmade card to show how much I love him. B.It’s absolutely silly to celebrate one month anniversary. C.I would expect a bunch of lovely red flowers. After all, he needs to show me that how lucky he is to have me in his life.

When people ask you “what’s your type?” what do you say?

A.He should be tall, dark and handsome. Someone who will sweep me off my feet. B.He should be smart and independent. Someone who is compatible with my personality. C.He should be rich. Someone who’ll buy me anything I want and do anything I say.

You and your boyfriend get into a fight. How do you handle it?

A.You’ll forgive him instantly even if it’s his fault. And if you’ve made a mistake, you’ll render a ton of apologies. Either way, you’ll cry your heart out. B.You both will take a few hours to cool off. Then you’ll talk about the issue and sort it out, like adults. C.You’ll sulk, probably even break up with him. Whether it’s your fault or not, he should be the one to say sorry!

What aspect of a relationship is most important to you?

A.Romance and happiness. B.Compatibility and understanding. C.I, me and myself.

He wants to go to a club and you want to go for a movie. What do you do?

A.Go clubbing. I can watch a movie at home. B.Well, I wouldn’t mind going for a drink with him if he agrees to go for a movie the following weekend. C.We’ll go for a movie. Why do you even ask?

What is your idea of love?

A.Love should be everlasting, just like a fairy tale. B.Love is accepting each other the way they are. C.Love is lust.

Your boyfriend doesn’t like your guy friend. What will you do?

A.I’ll stop talking with my friend if it makes my guy happy. What’s love without sacrifice? B.I’ll reason with him. If his reasons/jealousy is unfounded, then I’ll make him understand. C.I don’t take orders from anyone. If he doesn’t like my guy friend, it’s his problem, not mine.

Your score:

Mostly As: You’re a hopeless romantic. You’re one of those girls who probably grew up reading Mills & Boon. You’re generally an optimistic person, who will love and support your partner no matter what. You are the type of a girl who will keep her partner’s needs before her. Heck, you won’t even eat until he reaches home. While this might make him happy, you don’t want to give and give so much that you become a doormat. Word of advice: Don’t be a pushover. Style tip: Your wardrobe should include flowers, ruffles, soft fabrics which accentuates your femininity and accessorise with lockets and trinkets. However, do invest in some really sexy lingerie to give your personality a bit of an edge. Hopeless Romantic Product featured above: Yellow Blossom “Spring Bound” Strappy Skater Dress|Blazing Yellow “Dance All Night” Flared Dress|Bombshell Red “Incredible” Extreme Lift Push Up Bra & Bikini Set

Mostly Bs: You’re a level-headed girl. You’re practical and grounded. You do believe in love, but you also believe in friendship and equality. Your independence and space matter to you. You won’t stop wearing shorts or stop talking to male friends just because he doesn’t like it. You don’t care if he is rich or not as long he is smart and intelligent. Word of advice: Don’t be so independent/stubborn that it hurts his ego. Style tip: You prefer clothes that are fuss-free and yet totally chic! Your wardrobe should comprise of slip-on tops, hot pants and maybe a trendy haversack to go with it. Invest in some sassy short chemises to bring out your wild, untamed side. Level-Headed Product featured above: Flattering Black “Spring Bound” Top|Ivory Classic Polka “Spring Bound” Cami Top|Sexy & Fierce “Hold Me Closer” Babydoll

Mostly Cs: You’re a sassy diva! Madam, you’re a princess. Fierce and unapologetic, you think his world should revolve around you and that your wish should be his command. While you can keep this attitude if you’re only looking for a fling, but in a relationship this ‘I, me, myself’ approach won’t really work. Word of advice: Learn to give. Style tip: A glamorous personality like yours will be incomplete without diamonds, scarlet and satin. Go for bright, dazzling dresses for outdoors and mellow and muted for indoors to bring out a bit of femininity in the bedroom :P Sassy Diva Product featured above: Red & Silver “Bling It On” Sequin Striped Bodycon Dress|Glamorous Gold “Lace Affair” Short Chemise|Bombshell Red Side Cut-Out Dress