Style File: Marilyn Monroe
Fashion lessons from old Hollywood’s most glamorous diva

Marilyn Monroe may be gone, but her legend lives on. Heralded as a style icon (and also a sex symbol), she was one of the greatest trendsetters of her time. The blonde beauty who made red lipstick as famous as her curves, had fashion sensibilities that are applicable even today. Here’s how you can adapt her signature ‘Young, Fun, Sexy’ style on and off duty.

1. Love your curves – always!

Doesn’t matter if you’ve an hourglass figure or not, you’ve got to learn to be confident about your body shape. “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady,” that’s what the style icon preached and lived by. That’s one of the reasons you’ll never come across a picture of Marilyn wearing oversized or baggy clothes – google it! As naturally blessed she was, Marilyn still wore foundational garments underneath. You too wear shapewear that flattens and sculpts waist, thigh, hips and will make you look slimmer in seconds. From shaping camisoles to corsets and tummy tuckers, most of our shapewear is lightweight and can be worn all day long.

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2. Never underestimate the power of high heels.

Power, confidence, and high-heels usually go hand-in-hand. No girl will disagree that stiletoes make a person look good. Although Marilyn also wore kitten heels and flats, she was often seen in high heels, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” she would frequently quip. Invest in a pair of a classic black or bling heels that will compliment any outfit and will transform your casual look into a glamorous one in an instant.

3. Crop tops never go out of fashion

Crop tops kind of exemplify fashion resilience. From Marilyn in the 50s to Madonna in the 80s and Miley Cyrus in the naughties, the mini-top fashion has not not only survived but even thrived! Since it’s a versatile top, you can invest in a few of them and pair it with jeans, maxi skirts, mini skirts, high-waist pants and whatnot!

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4. When in doubt wear red

One of the most memorable things about her, was her trademark red lipstick. Men swooned over her perfect pout and women took cue. You can use this colour of passion not only to draw attention but to also boost your confidence. Trust us, there’s nothing that a bright lipstick and a strong cup of coffee can’t fix.

5. Life is short. Buy sexy bikinis.

We all love beach vacations. And when the sea and the sun beckons, you’ve got to answer it with some really hot bikinis. Since retro bikinis are back in trend, you can always bring on the 50s glamour on the beach with our high-waisted two pieces which also come in polka print. As for starting a serious heat wave, you can always rely on our scandalous monokinis and bikinis.

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