Spilling colours on lingerie

It’s a crazy time we are living in where you are exposed to umpteen filter options to edit just a profile picture. Big fashion houses and independent designers are coming up with new colours every season which starts trending in fashion weeks. To name a few, have you heard of Marsala, Rose Quartz and Serenity? Apparently, these have been Pantone’s Color of the Year in the past. The world is going gaga over colours, yet here we are limiting our lingerie to just black and whites till date.

Let’s take a flashback
From the beginning, almost everyone you know must have told you to shop for black and white lingerie once you had hit puberty. Now, neither you are a docile teenager anymore nor is it your time to wear boring. Let’s not even bring the age factor on the table. ‘Cause nobody said you have to choose lingerie colour as per your age.

Get your basics right
You might wonder how coloured lingerie is going to make any difference at all? ‘Cause ultimately it’s going to be hidden from the world under layers of clothing, then why buy them? Simply because colours are enticing. And apart from lifting your boobs, it will also lift your mood!

Basics upgraded with a pop of colour
It’s time you give your black, white and nude lingerie a break and experiment with a heady dose of colour. Starting from today, #RedefineBasics in a way that you land up wearing colourful and trendy lingerie every single day!