Spicing up the night
Spicing up the night
How Daring Are You?

Behold the age-old question, not to mention the most fun discussion ever to be had amongst naughty friends, which always creeps up sooner or later, bringing in tow no clear answer and constantly challenging our daringness. How do we make nights more exciting?

Yes we’ve all been there, and if we haven’t, we’ve wondered. What’s it going to take to blow him away? For him to put down the latest business report? To drag his eyes away from the shiny sexy PlayStation? WHAT is it going to take? And no less important, how far can you go before your own confidence betrays you and you become a big pile of Shy? So here we have it; a list of what you sexy little divas can get up to, according to how daring you feel, on a scale of 1 – 5.

Where 1 = I can try a sexy wink, but then I have to go hide and blush and giggle (which is also sexy) And 5 = Bring on the sexy nurse dress-up.

1. Not So Daring

Try a lacy plunge push up bra

Not so daring? That is no problem at all! You’re sexy and he definitely already thinks so too! You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a little effort here and there.

Try pairing a plunge push up bra with a low cut top for a private dinner for two. Have a candlelit dinner, soft music in the background. Put on some heels and red lipstick. All you have to do is open the door for him with a wicked smile.

Suggestions: 1. PeriPeri Red Grey Passion Fruit 2. PrettySecrets Hot Pink Leopard 3. Maya Indigo Plunge 4. PrettySecrets Purple Floral

2. Somewhat Daring. Sure, I can dip my toe in the water.

Try a short chemise

Do you normally wear pajamas to bed? Or long nightdresses? Change it up, just a little, with a short chemise. A little lace detail here, a little slit there, and some simply innocent fun.

Suggestions: 1. Fuschia Low-Cut Cross-Back 2. Pearl Rose Side Slit 3. Violet Halter-Neck 4. Black Red Lace Trim

3. Almost Daring. I can try a little something.

Try a babydoll or teddy.

Let the babydoll do all your work for you. All you have to do is change into a lacy teddy or babydoll, yes maybe a pair of heels, and strut yourself into the room. And that is that.

Suggestions: 1. Black Lace Halter Babydoll 2. Grey Lace Leotard Teddy 3. Black Mesh Babydoll 3. Raspberry Ruffle Babydoll

4. Daring? Yes that’s me.

Try a corset with stockings

You’ve seen it magazines, adds, it’s the sexy icon we’re all familiar with. And it’s never been known to go wrong. His jaw will drop. Guaranteed. Your man will melt. Guaranteed.

So here’s what you need for the whole image:

Corset Lace Panty  Stockings or Fish nets Garters

When you put it all on and look at yourself in the mirror, give yourself a little wink and a pat on the back. You know you look sexy. (You can also add a touch of red lipstick and candles to the mix)

5. “Bring It On” Daring

Try a Dress Up.

Do you have a fantasy? Or does he? You can either surprise him or discuss what scenario he would have fun acting out… Role playing can be fun, go ahead give it a shot. It’ll be new for both of you so think of it like an adventure!

Suggestions: 1. French Maid 2. Sultry Stewardess 3. Sexy Sailor 4. Naughty Nurse

  Good luck ladies! You’re sexy and you’re beautiful and you can be and do whatever you want. You have all the confidence you need! Just remember to have fun!   Did you enjoy this post? Give us a little smiley face below!