Sparkle Up Your First Date
Dress to Impress

We at PrettySecrets think there is always a first time for every amazing experience. Be it the first date, first dinner, the day you think he’s going to pop the question or the first sexy time together. And the first time is the most exciting and memorable. We truly understand that given the excitement, getting dressed for these events can be almost as nerve-racking as the date itself. One spends way too much time planning the perfect outfit. We, your BFF, are here for the rescue.

So imagine you have got a date with this handsome guy you just met and you would love if he just can’t take his eyes off you. Now don’t start going over your closet in a panic, trying to think what you would wear when that day comes. Just relax. We’ve got your date outfits covered.

The First Date:

Firstly, congrats on scoring that perfect 10 and getting that awesome guy to ask you out. We bet you dropped the least amount of hints ;) . We believe that most relationships are built on a series of first impressions, and a first date is a prime opportunity to forge a stronger connection with someone. There is a chance he will always remember what you wore on the very first day he took you out.

We have narrowed down a list of products that will look amazing on a first date.

The Date Night:

So he finally asks you out to dinner after those multiple flirty BBMs. Now, don’t freeze up. Let’s take it step by step. First things first: Find out how fancy the restaurant is. This is really important so that your dress does not stand out and make you look awkward. Being perfectly dressed is always preferable to being overly fancy, but it’s not wrong to make an effort. He will always appreciate it in more ways than one.

Our stylists have carefully hand-picked a few styles for your Date Night. Be sure to check them out.

The Surprise Date:

bb3addcfe491834a7d5c145d002ed954 If he asks you to meet him at an undisclosed location for your next romantic encounter, he may not realize that he’s leaving you in a fashion lurch. Your best bet? The LBD. “That little black dress always works — you can dress it up or down,” Keep a few accessories handy in that bag of yours and tone down or flaunt your look as the situation comes up.(For further help, check out our blog on how to rock that LBD here.(http://prettysecrets.com/blog/rock-the-lbd-in-style-5-different-ways-to-wear-it/)

The Sexy Night:

6373d03d67d5aec4090cbe1438f4626e We are really the experts here, so make sure you don’t miss a word. Fabulous lingerie for that first time is crucial. But what’s the right look? We recommend you go for something sexy yet not too raunchy. Keep it simple. Also remember to match it up with great colours on your lips. (Refer to our earlier blog (http://prettysecrets.com/blog/rouge-lingerie-match-your-lingerie-and-lipstick/)

Check out our sexy lingerie here :

We hope you enjoy your firsts! We would love to hear more about your experiences and what worked for you on that special day or night. Happy Shopping ;)