Solve your bra-blems!
Solutions to common bra problems

It’s true for most of us – either the bra is your BFF or your worst enemy. From straps digging into your skin or falling down your shoulders to the bands that keep riding up your back causing it to chafe or leave a back bulge, there are several problems that a girl is plagued with. Let’s look at these familiar bra problems and how you can solve them.

1. Strapless is useless:

Strapless Bra

Either you’ve never bought a strapless bra ‘coz you think they’re meant for girls with small breasts or you’ve bought one only to experience the horror of boob spillage! Well, leave the bad memories behind and give our strapless bra a chance to change your mind. From silicone grips to no-show cups, and even the quality of hooks and eye closures, together our bra ensures not only comfort but complete support without the straps.

2. Full coverage means grandma’s design

Full coverage Bra

You’ve found your perfect bra, a bra that covers your assets the way you like it. But what’s the problem – they come in historic designs, like maybe someone’s grandma designed ‘em. Good news for you girl, at PrettySecrets we have bras that are super-stylish and are designed to cover your bust along with providing great support and comfort.

3. Sports bra equals to uniboob

And then there’s a classic ‘uniboob’ problem that comes with a sports bra – one of the reasons that prevents you from wearing one on day-to-day basis even though you find them comfortable. Besides, most sports are are bigger than the normal bras, plus they don’t give any cleavage – it becomes pointless to wear one under a shirt. We heard you, and that’s why you need to check out our push-up sports bras with sex appeal! They don’t just solve your uniboob problem – they solve it glamorously.

Flirty Fuchsia Ultra Push Up Sports Bra|Flattering Black “Active Glam” Sports Bra

4. Sports bra without a zipper

Sports bra

Another problem is how annoying and inconvenient it is to put on a sports bra. You’re anyway running late to the gym and the struggle to put your hand in those criss-cross straps coupled with the stress of adjusting the elastic band… psst it’s too much! Well, switch to sports bras with zipper. Our zip-front bras are lightly padded and are perfect for high-impact activities like athletics and aerobics.

5. T-shirt bras means full-coverage

T-shirt Bras

The main dilemma with full-coverage bras, especially for women with smaller breasts, is how they often cause extra space leaving their breasts swimming in the cups. Not to mention, how you can’t wear them under . Well, your favourite t-shirt bras doesn’t have to be full-coverage anymore ‘coz they come in demi cups as well. Our balconette bra cups are shorter and shallower than the usual bras making them perfect for low-cut tops as well.

6. Lace bras are expensive

Lace Bras

Which girl wouldn’t like to own a drawer-ful of sexy-lacy lingerie, right? But often the cost of lingerie deter us from stocking up on our favourite things. At PrettySecrets, we believe that every girls deserves to own ‘young, fun, sexy’ things that come at guilt-free prices. Don’t believe us? Our lace lingerie bras start from as low as Rs 399 and they’re amazing!

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