Shhh… it’s seamless!
20 shades of S.E.X.Y.

Nothing is worse than having your bra show through a tight-fitting outfit, right? Well, that’s when a seamless bra comes to your rescue! They can be worn under the tightest clothing and they will still stay invisible. But the question remains, how come something so practical, remains so boring in terms of styles and prints? Well, all that is about to change with the re-launch of our ‘Allure’ collection.

Here are the gorgeous, seamless styles and their benefits.

Pretty Polkas:

Be it spring or summer, 80s, 90s or noughties… polka dots, for some reason, never go out of fashion! We believe every girl has something with this pattern in her wardrobe; in the form of a dress, a swimsuit, a top or even a pair of leggings. And now you can own your favorite print in the form of lingerie. With four different colours – coral, cobalt, black & ivory – our polka dot ‘allure’ range is lightly padded and provides full coverage. Pair it with matching polka-dotted panties for a complete look.

Pretty Polkas Product featured above: Coral Candy Polka Allure Bra|Cobalt Polka Allure Bra

Party ‘Animal’:

Animal print is an a-list love. You might not want to wear it every day, but it still falls under the must-have category. We’ve got this print in three different styles which you can sport under a flimsy white shirt for a fierce look or wear it under your risque party dress and get your ‘wild child’ mode on. The bra comes with adjustable multiway bra straps making it perfect for halter or off-shoulder dresses. And the matching seamless knickers will save you from visible panty lines.

Party Animal Product featured above: Coffee Smoky Animal Allure Bra|Grey Smoky Animal Allure Bra

Fresh Florals:

Nothing spells girly like florals. A timeless trend, flower-print makes everything pretty and dainty; doesn’t it? The best part is, our seamless bras are made of one piece fabric with no internal seams or stitching on the cups – perfect to wear under clingy fabrics and especially when you don’t want to add any additional fullness to your breasts. What’s more, it comes in four exotic styles and with matching panties.

Fresh Floral Product featured above: Ebony Floral Allure Bra|Grey Desert Rose Multiway Pushup Bra

Bright Solids:

Neutrals, monochromes… a single, solid colour is all about making a powerful statement. And in a bra, solid colours are must-haves ‘coz of its versatility. From radiant purples and bombshell reds to neon pinks and tempting teals, our seamless solids come in nine hot colours! That apart, the range is available in both lightly padded and extreme push-up. Can you ask for more?

Bright Solids Product featured above: Flirty Fuschia Allure Bra|Electric Pink Allure Bra|Tempting Teal Allure Bra|Playful Purple Allure Bra