Sexy Must-have Lingerie for V-Day
Spice it up

Every year around Valentine’s Day, your lingerie throws a party. This is its chance to climb out of the doldrums of your drawer. Let’s face it, you’ve probably wadded it under your socks and forgotten about it for a year. But now is the time to celebrate sexy. We think of Valentine’s Day as a call to duty to do right by your beloved lingerie collection. It’s the month to put your money where your mouth is and to indulge in buying and wearing things that celebrate passion and good times.

We know what you’re thinking: lingerie sets for Valentine’s Day. But if you’ve invested in a pretty, lacy under-thing or two, then you know the confidence a push-up bra or a bootylicious pair of panties lends you. And frankly, we can’t think of a better time to feel bold than on Valentine’s Day.

Luscious Lace:

If you want something which ticks all the quintessential ‘Valentine’s Day Lingerie’ boxes, look no further than PrettySecrets allure bra. It’s red, it’s black, it’s satin, it’s lacy, it’s sexy as hell and it’s very much that stereotypical Valentine’s Day lingerie set. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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http://prettysecrets.com/prettysecrets-coral-blaze-incredible-extreme-lift-push-up-bra http://prettysecrets.com/prettysecrets-coral-blaze-lacy-bikini

Crazy corset:

Want to fit into your favourite dress and that too in confidence? Well, we have a perfect solution for that too. Try our pink floral corset. Valentine’s Day can’t get much sexier, can it? prettysecrets--shape-corset-new-arrivals-32 http://prettysecrets.com/prettysecrets-pink-floral-lace-black-corset

Sheer Statement:

This love season flaunt your inner diva like a Pro! Make a statement of showing up to the party flawlessly decked out in stockings and garter. This silhouette is modern and spare while still being delicate. prettysecrets--accessories-stockings-31 (1) http://prettysecrets.com/prettysecrets-black-fish-net-with-black-lace-thigh-high-stockings prettysecrets--accessories-stockings-31 (2) http://prettysecrets.com/prettysecrets-red-lace-suspenders

Flirty Babydolls:

You must be thinking your lingerie wardrobe makeover is almost done. But no, we are not done yet. When it comes to being loved, getting pampered, feeling sexy and all those other sparkly things out there, your lingerie is not the only option to make your dream come true! And for that what can be a better solution than buying a babydoll. Remember those days when you used to hunt down the internet to get a something little lacy, little sheer and a lot sexier? For the sake of those dark old days you deserve a babydoll for yourself. And how about a pink one! prettysecrets--nightwear-babydolls-bridal-new-arrivals-31 http://prettysecrets.com/prettysecrets-pink-black-sheer-babydoll

Just because we are recommending, you don’t have to get stuck with these options. Get your fashion sense to go wild and give your lingerie closet a magical makeover. After all, love is in the air!