Sexy Bedroom Secrets
Tips to spice up your nights

Single or not, if your bedroom is riddled with laundry baskets, age-old linen, with a newspaper in one corner and a wet towel in the other, then you’re in for a serious trouble. ‘Coz no one can feel sexy going to bed which looks like a warehouse! So buckle up Babydoll, doesn’t matter if you’re a bachlorette or have a partner, you always have the right is to remain sexy! Here are a few tips on how to spice up your bedroom life and how the right nightwear can really help!

For the singles:

While it’s a general feeling that single life is more interesting, more happening and full of adventure, it could be quite the opposite. So if you’ve found yourself in a post 9-to-5 rut wherein you come home, have dinner, watch TV and fall asleep while chatting on whatsapp then here’s what you can do.

Start with changing small things first. Instead of watching TV, put on music. Instead of having a quick shower, have a long bath and moisturise leisurely. And then slip into a sexy babydoll! Trust us, not only the change of routine would be refreshing, but it would be refreshingly sexy!

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For the newly committed:

You’ve just started dating and everything is just probably fun and games. While you’ve probably cleaned up your love nest so you can make a good impression on your new lover (wink), there are other things you can try to sweeten up your romantic affair.

For instance, get some aromatic plants like jasmine or lavender. Often a new relationship leaves one nervous and excited, and plants can have a calming and soothing effect. Besides that, stock up on some romcoms on your USB drive and spend a lazy weekend night dressed like a sweet angel. Try our Black Rose or Fuschia Babydoll, they’re modest enough to cover the right parts (since you’re still new to the relationship) but sexy enough to keep his heart racing!

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For the married:

Admit it, married women tend to become complacent, or worse neglect their love life especially if they’ve a kid. And yes, it’s probably a routine for you to come home from work and don your track pants (or apron) and then go about doing your chores. If that sounds like you, girl, you need a change asap!

First of all, if your linen is from the bygone era or if you’re still using big, ugly floral prints – throw them right away ‘coz anything that’s not visually appealing is not going get things going in bed! Invest in some natural, soft self-colored (or textured) sheets and maybe color block it with brighter pillows. Then make some permanent room for scented candles, nutty chocolates and “visually appealing” racy babydolls in your drawer! They will remind you that it’s time to get frisky with your husband!

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