Secrets of the night
Which nightwear best describes your style?

The Bubble Booster:

You are smart, funny and an all round bubbly person. You know how to make people laugh when they’re having a bad day and you enjoy your own company. People always invite you to hang out and your calendar is probably filled with too many important dates. Everyone looks upto you when they’re stuck in a trap and you always have just the right solutions to their problems! If you’re her: You definitely need something as bright and fun as you, to flaunt your style. Some pretty and playful pajamas would suite your personality the best!

The Bubble Booster Product featured above: White Blossom “Print Play” Pajamas|Lime Heart “Print Play” Shorts

The Romantic:

You’ve watched every rom com out there and are looking for a soulmates-kind-of-love like Allie and Noah’s in The Notebook. Settling is definitely not your thing. You’ll know you’ve found THE guy because he’ll shower you with love, affection and gifts while whispering poetry in your ear at a dinner he organized next to a waterfall as a band he hired plays your favorite songs beneath the setting sun. It will be beautiful. If you’re her: You want to be known for how you love. Nothing does it better than an extremely comfortable and cute short chemises.

The Romantic Product featured above: Mint Blossom “Print Play” Short Chemise|Black Pout “Print Play” Lace Short Chemise

The Trend Setter:

You know what’s in style months before everyone else. You are stylish and cutting edge. All your friends ask you for fashion advice, you’re often seen draping a gown in a fancy way or losing the dupatta from over your body, only to twist it in a different way! If you’re her: You need something that yells ‘FASHION’ out loud! Try some sexy camis. They’re so in trend and comfortable, you’re likely to fall in love with them.

The Trend Setter Product featured above: Wild Cocoa “Print Play” Tank Top|Yellow Blossom “Print Play” Tank Top

The Zen:

You’re all business. You don’t have time for all the drama that comes with being with a cheesy cupid lover. You’re the go-getter and you don’t settle for anything that’s not beyond usual. If you’re her: You need something that reflects your fierce self. What’s better than animal print to show that?

The Zen Product featured above: Wild Mint “Print Play” Long Nightdress|Wild White “Print Play” Long Nightdress