Rouge & Lingerie
Match your lingerie and lipstick!

So girls, it’s the festive season and all of you are out doing what you love the most – shopping! Makes us think how we can add to the ideas to help you shop for that just amazingly gorgeous look. Lipstick and lingerie are always any girls two most favorite things to shop. Somehow both have an amazing ability to uplift moods and come to the rescue if you are ever having a bad hair day or if the hormones are creating havoc on your moods.

Two things can quickly fix that – new lingerie and new lipstick. Why not buy both? As they say, it’s easier to have a good time once one is in an amazing mood. We bring to you exciting options that you can explore for amazing effects on your mood and confidence. Below are a few exciting lipstick/lingerie combos that will surely get you back in the mood.

Black Lingerie:
You don’t wear black unless you want someone to see it and you don’t wear bold lipstick unless you want someone to notice those lips. This gives an exciting combo. Match your bright pinks with black innerwear to add the extra oomph. The added naughtiness intrigues whoever looks at you when you show off your exciting side. We recommend a hot shade of pink to go with an exciting inner in black. 01

Red Lingerie:
The glamour associated with the color red, makes it the classic of all lingerie shades. Red is an ultimate ‘provocative’ color. It gets you back to your natural instincts and brings out the aggressive and confidence in you. Nothing works as good as red satin, silk or chiffon lingerie. How great would it be if this combination is enhanced by your lips? Yes, you got it right! Go plain and simple on your lips to add that extra package of sexiness inside. We recommend going naked on the lips to add to the natural sizzling look. 02

Leopard prints:
Leopard prints and bright reds bring out your wild sexy side. We recommend this combination for the “sexy and I know it” woman in you. The bright red accentuates the wildness inside you and completes your look. Pairing these two together bring forward your image and the added confidence in yourself that you radiate. Plus your man would love you for it! ;) Use this combination to throw ‘sexy’ on someone’s face. This is truly a match made in heaven…err the jungle. 03

White Lingerie:
Whether you go for the casual look or show off your stylish-yet-soft look, white is the all-weather friend in lingerie. Ladies, bring out the black sheets to surprise someone with the intriguing contrast. However we recommend staying away from contrasts on the face for this one. Go for lighter shades like crème, soft pink to complete the simple girl next door look. They would all know you love to show off your simple side with style. 05

Nude Lingerie:
There’s one color in lingerie that’s always overlooked – nude. Let them guess whether it’s on or off and add to the style with something bold on your lips. The lingerie adds to the “barely there” effect and we highly recommend these colors. Choose on the right color depending upon your skin tone. Although we don’t recommend going for seductive reds, we recommend dark shades with this one. A mix of purple, red, maroon adds to the nude feeling on the inside. A nude look on the inside accentuates the dark look on your lips. Go for this one to surprise both on the outside and the inside. ;) 04

Bright colors:
They say for every mood, there is a color! Colors represent your mood, nature, personality and your state of mind. Feel bright in yellow, pretty in pink, calm in blue and royal in purple. Go, get hold of all your colorful lingerie and match them up with a shade of refreshing coral lipstick. 06

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