PrettySecrets Mumbai Grand Opening

Thank You! Before we give you a sneak peek into our Grand Opening, we just want to say a big thank you to one and all who came to be a part of our celebration. Your response to PrettySecrets was so overwhelming, and rewarding, ‘coz the store launch was planned with so much heart, and it was amazing to see you lovely folks responding to that despite the long queues, high temperatures and a crazy turnout!

Inside PrettySecrets Bandra, Linking Road store. The calm before the storm…

Looking pretty as a picture, our Sweethearts cut the satin bow with an oversized pair of pink scissors! Cute, no?

We were left speechless with the crazy turnout! The store saw over 300 of shoppers queuing outside from 9 am, with more than 1200 passing through in the following 8 hours.

It was ‘a-bundle-of-energy vs a-ball-of-fire’ kinda day! Our Guests Of The Day, fashion influencers Sejal Kumar and Larissa D’sa, brought so much #awesomeness with them. From chit-chatting about fashion and clicking pictures to sharing just a quick ‘hi’, they kept the ball rolling!

When enthusiasm was peppered with a generous dose of glamour at the launch party.

And a big shout out to our ‘Number One’ customer and our contest winner!

#ColourVibes: The best colour is the one that makes you happy

And just in case you missed our set up at the Phoenix Market City, Kurla, here’s a glimpse.