Party Clutch Essentials
What you should not miss

So, it’s the party season. I hope you guys enjoyed Thanksgiving! We are about to start on an amazing holiday and festive season filled with crazy experiences. Roll up your sleeves, fill your eyes with that naughty charm, and get your best dresses out of the closet – the party has just started.

We help you to get all the essentials in place for an amazing time with the girls. We know you are going to look amazingly hot in whatever you wear, but highly recommend that you tout only the essentials in your party clutch apart from the absolute must-haves like emergency cash, credit card, ID card , keys etc.

So go ahead and check out our list below. We will make sure you are not left alone and are better prepared for a sexy adventure that beckons you.

1. A fully charged mobile phone:
An absolute essential by all means. Not only does it keep you well informed on where the after party is planned, but also makes sure you don’t miss out any unplanned adventures that your friends plan on the spot. You are on top of your friends whereabouts, are battle ready in case of emergencies, and off course quick to hold on to that cutie’s number who just got you a martini. Go crazy with the selfies!

2. Lipstick and Chap Stick:
We are surprised by the number of women who chose to leave that amazing shade at home and rather opt to tone it down with mismatching glosses. If it looks ravishing at home, we strongly advise you bring that colour along. Also throw in that clutch a cute little all-purpose balm that will be the moisturiser, lip balm and hand moisturiser all-rounder in your entourage. Plus it tames the unruly cuticle.

3. Travel-size perfume bottle:
Add a small travel sized perfume bottle to the clutch that will make the gentlemen swoon. Add a little tangy and spice instead of the natural perfume with something more interesting and come-close friendly. Also, just as a word of caution, go easy on it. Research states that ninety-nine percent of men would rather have their women smell a little musty than have their nostrils singed by overzealous dousing.

4. Caffeine infused face cream:
A quick tip – it’s possible to take care of those trouble spots and temporarily reduce swelling and contribute to the appearance of, say, a tighter tummy, skinnier thighs, or less puffy under-eye circles by using caffeine based products. The ingredient dehydrates fat cells, making skin appear smoother. We recommend you look and play the part to the hilt. ;)

5. Gum: Don’t you want him to think you taste and smell good? It’s always a life saver in case you want to pucker up.

6. Roll-Up Flats:
So that you don’t miss a step while heading to the road side stall or the after party through a cobbled street. Or maybe if you’re feeling less than stable circa 3:00 a.m. Plus you wouldn’t want to be left behind when that hunk happens to walk at a brisk space. Also, wouldn’t you love to give those hellish high heels a miss the first chance you get? city-slips

7. G-String:
Well this one is for the more adventurous. We recommend carrying (if you’re not already wearing or plan to change on your way to a second party) a G-string so that an out of place seam or a line does not spoil that hot bodycon.


Image courtesy: Roll up Flats: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/city-slips