Panty Personality
What your underwear says about you?

Underneath her clothes she’s hiding her secret identity, like most girls do! A part of our feminine mystique is tucked away in our lingerie drawer, admit it. No one knows what mood do you hide except for you (and maybe your partner). Mind you, we’re not underwear psychologists (wink), but your panties do tell a story about your personality. Curious? Then find out what your panty choice says about you.

Thong: Sassy, adventurous

You’re an Alpha Female. Young, ambitious, you probably live by the ‘work hard, party harder’ rule. Once you set your mind on a goal, you achieve it by hook or by crook. You might be frivolous and noncommittal towards relationships, but you believe in blazing your own trail rather than following the herd. You’re not afraid to call a spade a spade, and if that makes you a biatch – so be it!

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Lace: Classy, sexy?

You probably have a split personality, you can be demure and a diva as and how the situation demands. Very detail oriented, you’re choosy about everything – be it brands, the place you dine, the people you hang out with etc. A black belt in sophistication, you probably also have a signature perfume that lets people know you’ve arrived.

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Hipster: Cute, Playful

In your circle you’re probably known as ‘Little Miss Sunshine’! A book lover, a believer of happy endings; your friends find it easy to confide in you ‘coz they know they will get the right advice or words of encouragement. Positive and optimistic, you’re great at budgeting and you spend your money wisely, except occasionally going crazy over a sale.

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Bikini: Fun, flirty and athletic

You’re usually the life of a party. The one with more guy friends, your typical Saturday night is made of beer, burgers and sports. You’ve a great laugh, great sense of humour and you love music so much that you probably know all the latest songs that are currently in top 10 chart. People love being around you coz of your energy and enthusiasm.

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High-waist: Confident, practical

A complete no-nonsense girl, you want people to see you for who you are. You avoid gossip and drama, and that could be one reason that you dislike social media. For someone who often feels that you were born in a wrong decade, you wish this generation would focus more on real connections than online ones. Your friends admire you for your courage, confidence and creativity.

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