Pamper your BFF Make your bestie feel special

Yes we all have seen it! The heart posters, the bouquet of roses, the sweet sugary candies! Suddenly this week they are everywhere! Hail Valentine’s! Isn’t it all getting a bit clichéd? Why should Valentine’s be only about boys? Let’s ruffle up a storm and do something fun and spicy this time around.

This Valentine’s it’s time to make your besties feel loved. You know they have been there for you longer than any guy, they have loved you with-out your make-up and stood by your side through all the heart breaks. So go ahead and show them how grateful you are to have them by your side. Everyone likes to get a little “You’re Awesome” gift, right?

We’ve picked out 7 items that would have any BFF fall head over heels for. From sugary treats to quirky accessories to a dreamy journal, we’ve got you covered.

  • Movie tickets: Go indulge in pure chick flicks and drool over your favorite hotties. Surprise her with a ticket to her most awaited movie that is about to hit the theaters. Trust us she will thank you for it.
  • Bake her a cake: We know cooking is not your thing but nothing gets sweeter than a home-made cake. So go look up a recipe and get on whipping that batter of her most craved cake!
  • Lingerie: A woman can never have too much of sexy lil bits! Allow her to indulge in herself by gifting her some lacy secrets. Here are our most loved ones:
  • Day to spa: Every girl deserves to relax and chill out. So give her the much needed relaxation with a trip to the spa and watch her glow after a session of full body massage and aroma therapy!
  • Travel trip: Go put on your shades and head to the nearest weekend getaway. Two girls make one hell of a ride. You know you both deserve a time out!
  • Take her for a shopping spree: Yes, it’s no secret that we girls like to shop! So why not take her to the nearest mall and check out all the cool new stuff that has just come in?
  • Hand-made photo journal: This one is the cutest! The only thing that can seize time, if even for just a fraction of second, are photographs! So make her re-live the good old days by preparing an especially hand crafted photo journal. After all what makes for a good gift is a thoughtful gift!