My Summer Bucket List

Every summer has its own story! Remember childhood days when you spent your vacation chasing fireflies, making sand castles, visiting grandparents, and hours of fun that didn’t cost a thing? Well, it’s time to make some fun memories again with your friends. Let 2017 be the most memorable summer of your life!

Take a mini road trip to another city just to eat PIZZA at your favourite restaurant!

Throw a Panty Party! Pretend you and your friends are in a music video and go crazy on the dance moves…

Go on a stargazing tour: Spend a perfect summer night behind a telescope gazing at the sky. There are many organisers who will plan a camping trip for you where you can set up your own tent and look at wonderful constellations throughout the night.

​Freeze something fun into your ice cubes, and viola, you get some amazing pictures to put up on Instagram!

​Stuff your face with ice-cream!

Go on a road trip with your girlfriends!

Addicted to old episodes of Gossip Girl or love re-watching all the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Just sit down in your pajamas with a bag of chips, Chinese takeout, your best friend for company, and binge-watch your favourite shows.

Take a break, Beachhh! As if you needed any more convincing that a beach vacation should be most-definitely in your summer to-do list.

Catch up with your childhood friend. There are things only your school friends know – like how old you were when you got boobs! Maybe, it’s time to go down the memory lane…