My New Year’s Lingerie Resolutions
Things to promise yourself in 2017!

To lose weight, to be happy, to exercise, to let go, to travel, to learn a new language, to do charity… we’re sure your resolution list is more or less around the same things – each year, every year. Well, this year it’s about time to add something new, something sexy. Make 2017 a year to improve your lingerie buying and care habits. Here’s a list of New Year’s lingerie resolutions to keep in mind.

De-clutter your lingerie drawer:


Does it frustrate you to find appropriate lingerie when you’re dressing up? It will take less than 30 minutes to de-clutter, and trust us, you’ll feel great after having done that. Let go of all the unwanted, unwearable bras and panties – old or new. In 2017, say hello to smart purchase and smart storage space. Go for lingerie sets!

Say yes to quality, not quantity:


Yes, it’s fun (and practical, sometimes) to buy cheap panties and bras in bulk. Especially when you don’t do laundry as often as you should! But owning quality lingerie is the right thing to do ‘coz it will make ‘em last longer than your usual ones. And be smart, look out for sales and special offers, that way you can save more money without compromising on sexy!

Invest in a good strapless/ convertible bra:

Strapless Bras

Many times it so happens that you don’t end up wearing that tube or off-shoulder dress/top ‘coz you don’t have a good strapless bra to go with it, or if you have one, it’s not supportive enough and it keeps falling down! This year, please save yourself from embarrassment and make it a point to fulfill your strapless needs.

Shop some colours:


We all love our black, grey and nude lingerie. And as versatile they might be, it’s time to be a little adventurous in terms of colors. Get some sexy solids – luscious reds, forest greens – or go for pretty prints – cute polkas, fresh florals. The idea is to experiment with your lingerie choice, you never know how it will change your life!