Match or Mismatch?
Rules of underwear habits revisited

We bet, all of you of agree, including the true blue fashionistas, that it’s nearly impossible to wear matching underwear on a daily basis. ‘Coz for every one lingerie set that you buy, in all probability, you also end up buying a few extra panties either because of its value or ‘cute’ factor. And while knickers go for a wash every night, bras don’t necessarily have to. While bras are expensive, panties are not as much. So the proportion of bra-panty in your drawer will always be skewed!

So how do you coordinate every day, and is it really that important? Well, important it is, but not as a rule! As always, there are exceptions to any rule, and at PrettySecrets we’ve found a perfect solution. Here’s when to mix, match and mismatch 

Casual days:

There will always be days like Mundane Mondays or Weary Wednesdays when you don’t really have any plans to go out. Well, for those days you can go all cheeky and funky to add a little zing. Invest in a few message panties and match it with a similar-coloured bra or go total contrast as per your whim.

Try this: Our ‘Be Cheeky’ panty collection is full of naughty, playful messages which are bound to leave you happy and giggly! You can mix and match these panties with any of your favourite bra.

Casual days Products featured above: Be Cheeky Single and Loving It Bikini-Morning Aqua Comfy T-shirt Bra|Be Cheeky Spicy Bikini-Bombshell Red Cotton T-shirt Bra

Important work days:

The percentage of women that always, always wear matching lingerie is probably less than 20, or even lower. But regardless which side of the fence you’re on, when it comes to big days at work – meeting with the big boss or a big interview – it will serve you well if you go for matching lingerie, preferably push-ups or lacy. Believe it or not, wearing something sexy will make you feel sexy. And that, by default, will boost your self-confidence which will make you stand out in those important meetings.

Try this: Our push-up bras are created to give a sexy cleavage so that you appear fuller and shaplier. Investing in a few lingerie sets is all about reminding yourself that you’re also sexy on the inside!

Important work days Products featured above: Rich Grape Multiway Push up Bra & Thong Set|Yellow Push up Bra & Hipster Set|Royal Purple Extreme Lift Push up Bra & Bikini Set

Outdoors and lazy Sundays:

The time spent outdoors either for walk in a park, or at the gym or simply doing grocery shopping, is the time when you can totally allow yourself to mix and match your inners. Same goes with indoor Sundays. In fact, since the ideal thing to wear would be non-wired or sports bras you can match (or not) your solid-coloured bras with printed underwear.

Try this: Our sports bras are not only great for moderate to extreme workouts but they’re also good for all-day comfort. They mostly come in solid colours so you can go for fun printed bottoms.

Outdoors-and-lazy-Sundays Products featured above: Everyday Slate Grey Sports Bra-Neon Orange Grey Pink Leopard Bikini|Hot Fuschia Sports Bra-Pink Cupcake Hipster

A Big Date Night:

It goes without saying that you can’t afford to mismatch here. You’ve a rendezvous with a hot guy and even if you plan to keep things platonic you’ve got to dress sexy inside and out. ‘Coz ultimately, men are visual creatures and we’ve just the right lingerie (or dresses ) to appeal his eyes!

Try this: Our ‘Scandalous’ bras are by far the sexiest bras you’ll ever see. Besides, you can never go wrong with something red or something wild on a date night!

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