Make your Valentine’s Day special
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With Valentine’s Day round the corner, couples in the city are trying to come up with the best plan to spend the day with their loved ones

For those who run out of ideas, PS has listed few ideas that can make the day special for you and your loved one.

  • Stay back home! Switch off your phones, cook a meal and watch a romantic film together.
  • Organize a romantic getaway.
  • Spa day for two.
  • Go dancing, it is another way to hot things up on Valentine’s Day.
  • And if you are single, fret not! Love yourself.

Buying a gift for your Valentine! Top 5 best valentine gifts for your lady love
  • Flowers The most popular gift on Valentine’s Day is the gift of flowers. Roses are always a hit on Valentine’s Day.
  • Chocolates A man can never go wrong by giving chocolate. She will undoubtedly love your Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Lingerie Lingerie plays a very important role in any relationship, especially on Valentine’s Day. (Check out
  • Jewelry Jewelry and Valentine’s Day is a perfect fit. No matter what stage of the relationship you are currently in, you can’t go wrong with a heart pendant.
  • Spa It’s difficult to find a woman who wouldn’t enjoy a day at the spa.
Single on Valentine’s Day? Be your own Valentine and show yourself some much needed attention — there are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single!
  • Make it a girl’s night! Go out and get all the ingredients for those awesome cosmos, grab new pj’s and have a “romcom” movie-a-thon.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day! There’s no reason you don’t deserve a massage too, even if you’re going to see a professional to get one.
  • Have a party! Invite all your single friends over to your place. Entertaining is always so much fun and you won’t feel alone with all of those people at your place.
  • Ask a guy friend! You can totally go on a platonic date, even if you spend the time laughing at all the cheesy couples.
  • Go to the gym! Not romantic, but if you’re frustrated that you haven’t found that person to spend your life with, use that energy and focus it into a great workout. You’ll leave feeling energized and better than when you went in.