Lingerie Shopping Tips
Lingerie Must Haves
The 5 essentials for every closet

Show us any wardrobe, any closet, any style and any fashion trend and you’ll be covered with these must haves. These are your very basic lingerie needs. What you grab for your deserted island, surprise trip, romantic holiday, beach vacation. This is all you need…

  1. The T-shirt bra: The basic everyday bra that can be worn underneath anything. It is seamless and full cupped for the best coverage and support. Choice of underwire is completely dependent on size. A nude, or your skin coloured bra is a must must have. You can wear this under clothes of any color and varying degrees of transparency. Since it’s the colour of your skin you don’t ever have to worry about your secrets being noticed. Think about it this way, if the house is on fire this is the bra you grab.
  2. The sexy bra: The sexy bra is the bra you wear when you need that extra little push of confidence. Perhaps when you’re going out and you might see that guy, or if you’re going out on a date! There is nothing like some delicate lace to make you feel feminine, sexy and poised. A night out might also mean some low necklines. Here you can either opt for a demi cup suited for lower necklines or a plunge bra which accentuates cleavage.
  3. The strapless bra: Perfect for the popular trend of unusual necklines. There’s nothing like the perfect strapless bra. Again, best in nude so it goes with everything. You can always buy fun straps to go with it. Top priority should be that it fits you like a glove; you do not want to be pulling it up all night, afraid that it’s sinking and taking your breasts with it.
  4. The seamless brief: Your lingerie is your pretty secret so beware of the dreaded panty lines. As jeans get tighter and dresses get clingier, a seamless brief is a must. If you are not worried about support a thong is definitely an option, but for those of us who would not mind some support, get a well-fitting brief. Remember, if it is too tight, it will defeat the purpose.
  5. Shapewear: To make sure your body looks the way you want it to in that fitted dress. For those of us who want results instantly, shapewear is a must have. While it’s not going to be the most comfortable thing (since it’s tucking in all the unwanted parts) make sure you can sit and breathe and laugh whole-heartedly.
Thought of another essential? Or did we miss your favorite? Or tell us what your favorite item in your lingerie closet is. Leave us a comment below…