Li’l Miss Sunshine
Fabulous ways to wear yellow

Well, you don’t have to wait for the sun to look like a ray of sunshine. Rain or not, yellow is such a happy colour to wear, but it could get a little tricky too ‘coz it’s also an extremely bold colour. So if you would like to know how to give your yellow outfit just the right amount of vibrancy and pop, take a look at some of the fabulous ways to wear it.

The battle of solid colours

Can you wear two solid colours together? Hell yeah! You can easily rock in-your-face cheerful, bright hues, especially at the beach. Wear your favourite pop-coloured bikini and stroll down the beach like a goddess in our sexy yellow cover ups. The combination will not only make you look like a kaliediscope of colours (enhanced by the sunny skies and blue waters), but it will also guarantee a ton of ‘likes’ on your FB page.

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Easy breezy

You’ll always have days when either you don’t have time or the inclination to doll up. Well, but the girl’s gotta look pretty, right? Our in-house designer Shivani has the perfect ‘Simple-Sexy’ solution. “For those days, just get your skinny jeans and team it up with a dazzling yellow top – ‘simple’. And add ‘sexy’ to the outfit by wearing stilettos and bright lipstick! Viola, you’re ready to like a Diva with hardly any effort whatsoever” says the designer excitedly.

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Colourblock like a pro!

Bright colours, bold contrasts, colourblocking is not as easy as it sounds. “To avoid looking like an eyesore, don’t just spin the color wheel, but choose wisely. Eg: Yellow usually goes best with cobalt blue or army green” suggests Shivani. “And for a Sunday brunch or a day committed to sipping martinis with your friends, try our ‘Dance All Night’ blazing yellow dress with a statement neck piece” adds the spunky designer.

Colourblock Products featured above: Blazing Yellow Flared Dress


Yes, you can ‘sport’ yellow on yellow. The hint points to our amazing sports bra collection which is full of bold, solid colours. So get rid of your done-and-dusted black or grey sportswear and invest in some fun, bright colours. Our suggestion, try our ‘Showtime Workout’ mellow yellow bra and match it with equally bright yellow running shoes.

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