Keep Calm and Lace Up
Bring back the Corset

Corsets have gone through a considerable amount of “social perspective transition”, from shape enhancers & beauty amplifiers to restrictive impractical clothing and now formally the present day sophisticated shape-wears!

Now-a-days corsets have become more of inner beauty secrets while concurrently serving as functional clothing.

We are absolutely in love with corsets and their timeless beauty! They have this magical capability of transferring you from Plain Jane to Sexy Diva! Corsets give you a really flattering hourglass shape by pulling your waist in and shaping it.

I know you all will agree that if not worn right, corsets can turn out to be a bit of a trouble! So I am going to let you in on a little secret, “the hidden science of wearing a corset”

Firstly, pick the right size. Yes, we do want to look all toned and feel thinner than we really are but that does not mean we go and pick a size S when we really are a size M! Corsets are technically designed garments and are dimensioned according to each size. So embrace your curvy self and pick out the right one!
Check out our favorite: http://prettysecrets.com/prettysecrets-pink-floral-lace-black-corset 8ad615b05e40f7477d10ea9a2cbacaf3

Secondly, get used to your corset. The few times you wear your corset, don’t lace it too tightly and don’t wear it for too long. You should get used to it first, and lacing up with 2″ reduction will allow the corset fabric to get used to being worn without putting too much strain on it. The idea is to allow the corset to mould itself according to your body type and at the same time allow yourself to get used to it. c31601a2ef7e79be13fd99b9421c95ca

As Anna Held correctly and very aptly states, “To put on a corset properly is as much of an art as to make a corset properly”

So don’t forget to wear it right and pair it right. Go be the diva you are!

Happy Corseting!

Image courtesy:

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