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It’s New Year’s Eve!
Your style checklist for the big night

“What to wear on New Year’s Eve?”… it’s a million dollar question that every girl asks herself. Whether you’ve got big plans at a swish, fancy club or going to an exclusive house party, it’s the night where you gotta play dress up and steal the spotlight from your rivals. From lingerie to accessories to the ultimate party dresses, here’s your style checklist for your New Year’s Eve rendezvous.

Sexy lingerie set:

It’s the biggest night of the year, after maybe your birthday, and it goes without saying you’ve got to dress sexy inside and out. Our ‘Scandalous Sheer’ lingerie sets are by far the sexiest and they’re sure to make you feel oh-so ultra feminine on the night it matters the most. And just in case if you’re planning to buy a tube, halter or an off-shoulder dress, then let out ‘Strapless Fling’ convertible collection come to your rescue. They come in 20 different colours and you can sport them in four different styles.


PrettySecrets Scandalous: Purple Push Up Bra Bikini Set|PrettySecrets Scandalous White Push Up Bra Bikini Set|PrettySecrets Strapless Fling Red Multiway T-shirt Bra|PrettySecrets Strapless Fling Black Multiway T-shirt Bra

Party dresses:

If there’s one night to bring out all the sparkles and shine, it’s New Year’s Eve! But the pressure of that – to find that one sexy, fabulous, gorgeous party dress – can be be insanely taxing. Well, that’s exactly why we are here to help you. Our collection of sequinned party dresses & tops will leave you dazzled. And once you find your dress, all you have to worry about is how you’re going to pucker up for that midnight kiss! Wink.


PrettySecrets Black Gold ‘Bling It On’ Striped Bodycon Dress|PrettySecrets Silver Ash ‘Bling It On’ Sequin One Shoulder Top


Stockings are something that can give a polished look to any outfit. From classic sheer and natural-looking stockings to printed polkas and florals and even fishnets, there are variety of stay-ups available to go with any outfit. Besides adding to the glam factor, they will also provide the warmth that you may require in this chilly weather.


PrettySecrets Coffee Thigh High Stockings|PrettySecrets Black Polka Mesh Thigh High Stockings|PrettySecrets Black Fish Net Thigh High Stockings|PrettySecrets Red Mesh with Lace Thigh High Stockings

Accessories and shoes:

There’s no cheer in revelry without the sparkles! ‘Eye-catching’ – that’s what you should keep in mind while shopping for accessories and shoes. Go for a statement neckpiece or a cocktail ring, go for a jeweled clutch, go for a pair of glitter-encrusted stilettoes – basically, go for something that will send 2015 out with a ‘bling’ bang!


Nightwear set:

Well, this one is for all the ‘after-party’ girls. The party is over, and now is the time to jam up at someone’s house. Unless you’re absolutely at ease in your party dress, chances are you will need something comfy to slip into, especially if it’s also a sleepover. Well, depending on what you’re looking for, you can either go for sexy satin chemise or a cute pair of cotton pjs that will give you respite that you deserve after the night-long revelry.


PrettySecrets Green Snooze Sexy Top Pj Set|PrettySecrets White Green Polka Tee & Pj Set|PrettySecrets Lace Affair Short Chemise|PrettySecrets Red Spolit In Satin Short Chemise