Lingerie Tips for women
Ideal Lingerie for the Perfect Outfit

You know those butterflies you get when you try on the most beautiful dress? Or excitement you start to feel when you plan your sexy outfit for that party coming up… Yes? Yes. It’s the best feeling to get ready for your night out. Shower. Make-up. Hair. Shoes. And finally the dress.  But wait, what’s this bump here? A panty line? And bra straps peeking out? Not again… 

  Sometimes lingerie can throw your sexy plans out the window, leaving you to wear the same old jeans and same old top. And yes, we hate it too. And we want to help make sure it never happens again…  So, if you’re wearing:

1. Something sheer

Can see a little too much if you stand in the light? Go nude. Nude bra and nude panty. Avoid thongs and lacy and/or printed stuff. Don’t want to draw attention away from that beautiful top, right?

2. Something clingy

Clingy top – seamless full cover bra

Clingy bottoms – seamless panty

Clingy dress – grab a bodysuit (shapewear). Not because you need any shaping up but because shapewear is a great extra layer (that’s light and tight enough not to add bulk to your outfit) to just smooth out the lingerie lines. It’ll leave you completely worry free all through the night!

3. Something strapless. Or if the straps are there more for design

Halters, Racerbacks, Crossbacks, no matter what the straps are doing, or not doing, your safest bet is a strapless bra. If your cup size is small (A or B) or if the bra band is showing from the back you can go for the skin free bra (which are cups that basically just stick to your breasts for support) or just some petals.

4. Something white/black

Go nude and keep it simple. No lace or prints, especially under white. If your black top is thick enough then of course you can wear whatever you want.

5. Something low

Is it sizzling time? Flaunt it girl! If it’s a round neck wear a demi bra for a slight push up. Demi bras feature half-cups so they won’t peek out of your neckline. If it’s more of a deep V-neck top go for a plunge push-up bra to accentuate your cleavage.

6. Something backless

The skin free bra. Or if your cups are small enough and you don’t really need much support go for petals.

7. Something a-little-too-short

Not so comfortable with the length of the skirt on second thought? Some sheer nude or black stockings can set your mind at ease. Or make a statement with pair of colorful leggings.

Just remember lingerie is your friend, not foe. Make sure you’re getting the best relationship you can… Have a question? Did we forget to talk about an outfit you have? Ask us below…