How to select fun and sexy lingerie?
Give yourself a treat

Lingerie is more than just merely functional. It has the power to boost a woman’s confidence and make her feel gorgeous and sexy about herself. When you dress well, you automatically feel good about yourself. Similarly, when you are wearing boring lingerie or lingerie that does not fit you well, it makes you feel sluggish and irritable. Even though lingerie cannot be seen by others, it can really make you feel special and is a big ego-boost.

Picking fun and sexy lingerie might appear as a daunting task and may take a lot of effort and practice with the number of styles available in the market. Here are a few simple tips to help you select sexy lingerie. Remember that fun and sexy doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

Black is timeless
There is something naughty and sexy about black. It is the most popular color of all times making it timeless and chic. It has a slimming effect and looks flattering on all body types making a woman feel confident. Legs look sexier and slimmer under black stockings while sheer black babydolls look seductive and glamorous.

Size does matter
It is important to pick lingerie that will fit you well. You might be wearing a certain size for years but that doesn’t mean it is the right one for you. Your body keeps changing and this certainly affects your bust size. Make sure you measure yourself properly or consult a specialist. You don’t want to look uncomfortable with the bra straps falling out or adjusting your panty or scratching your outfit. Ill-fitting lingerie can go miles to make or break your confidence and the way you look. Make sure that it fits well and flatters your figure.

For those with a smaller bust, frills and bows look great as they give the impression of a fuller bust line. If you are top heavy, then opt for something that provides good coverage.

Have fun with colors
Black, white and nude are the most commonly available colors in lingerie. But who said that fun colors are only meant for your outerwear? You can have fun with colorful lingerie and wear them regularly as well. Make a statement with bold and bright colors such as fuchsia, neon, blue, yellow and so on. Colors add an element of fun and flirtiness to your everyday lingerie and go a long way to boost your confidence.

Flirty prints and trims
Lace lingerie is a must-have for every woman’s lingerie drawer. Trims such as lace, bows and ruffles are feminine, flirty and add glamour to your sex appeal. They make you feel gorgeous and sexy. Also, do not shy away from experimenting with different printed lingerie. Animal prints are great for those who want to explore their wild side while floral prints are great to add some fun and delicateness.

Accessories to spice it up
Lingerie accessories create a style statement and look really sexy. A garter belt is one of the most classic accessories that can heat up the style quotient. It can be bought as part of an existing set and can be used with your existing lingerie too. Stockings are another pair of accessories that add to the oomph factor because they are versatile and glamorous. They can be bought in a variety of styles and look very sexy.