How to pick the perfect swimwear
Tips that you don’t want to miss

You might love the beach, pool or simply soaking in the sun to get a tan but let’s admit it: trying to find the right swimwear is a dilemma that most women face. We all have certain problem areas that we are insecure about and want to hide. Here are some tips on how to find that perfect bathing suit.

Body type: Athletic How to know? You know you are athletic when you have similar body proportions without a well defined waist. Styles & Silhouettes: Give a flirty look and go for frills, pleats and embellishments to enhance your hips and busts. Bikinis are a good choice as they help break the straight line and give an illusion of curves. You can also try push-up cups and knotted top styles to enhance your cleavage. Colours: Feel free to experiment with bright colours, prints and textures. Faux pas: Avoid wearing bandeaus. They will give you a flatter look.

Body type: Apple-shaped How to know? Women with an apple-shaped body are top heavy. They have broad shoulders, wide torso and a fuller bust. Styles & Silhouettes: Opt for halter neck swimsuits with thicker straps and good underwire cups. These are great as they will give you good support, will prevent sagging and make you feel comfortable. Colours: Light colours and small prints work well for those with a fuller bust line. You can also go with a plain top and a patterned bottom to divert the attention from the top. Faux pas: Frilly and thin strapped tops should be avoided. Stay away from bandeaus as they will not be able to give you good support.

Body type: Pear-shaped How to know? You are a little wider/ heavier on the bottom as compared to the top. Styles & Silhouettes: To flatter your body shape, try matching an eye catching bikini top with a darker bottom. This will help shift the attention. You can also opt for higher cut bottoms as they take the eyes away from your lower body and give the illusion of longer legs. A great option is deep V-cut swimsuits to enhance cleavage. Colours: Black and darker colours are great as they have a slimming effect. Faux pas: Stay away from boy shorts, skirted style swimsuits, big prints, frilly and other heavy detailing around the hips as they will draw unnecessary attention towards your bottom.

Body type: Hourglass. How to know? You have those enviable great curves with a tiny waistline. Styles & Silhouettes: Girls with an hourglass figure are the most blessed ones as they can sport most styles. Feel free to play with colours, prints, graphics and different cuts, anything that will enhance those sexy curves. You can also choose belted styles or swimsuits with detailing at the waist to show off your waistline. Mesh and lace inserts look fabulous as well. Colours: Experiment with different colours but stick to matching bikinis. Faux pas: Don’t mix and match your tops and bottoms as they might end up making your body look disproportional.