How to Look Hot at the Gym?
Look fab while sweating

“We all love a hint of blush, a swipe of mascara or some lip gloss while stepping out. Afterall, we want to feel sexy and confident about ourselves. But the gym is probably not the right place to wear makeup. The sweat during your workout session might clog your pores and lead to breakouts. We all go to the gym to work on areas that we are conscious about and a problem skin is definitely not worth it.”

But there are a few other effortless ways of looking hot. Here are seven simple tricks of looking great at the gym. After all, you never know who might end up on the treadmill next to you.

Bright Sports Bra:
When you want to look good at the gym, it’s not only about the clothes you wear. A good sports bra is really important to minimize the impact on your breasts while working out. But who said that your sports bra needs to be a boring black or white? Add a bit of punk to your workout with brightly coloured sports bras such as neons, corals, etc. A bright bra draws attention to your upper body to reveal a fun, flirty side. For those who want to add that extra bit of sexiness, opt for a push up sports bra instead.

Bright coloured shoes:
Add some zing to your workout wardrobe with bright shoes. Your shoes should be fun and cheery and something that you look forward to wearing. A pop of colour like a pink, orange or lime adds a fun element to your workout gear and makes you feel sexy and confident.

Well fitted gear:
The days of wearing your old and loose clothes to the gym are over. Opt for well fitted clothes to show off your curves. A pair of black tights work really well as the colour has a slimming effect. But very tight clothes might hamper your workout. Have a good balance of well fitted clothes that are comfy as well.

No visible panty lines:
It will be great to wear tight and fitted pants to the gym but visible panty lines aren’t an option at all. Thongs are a great option for those who want to wear fitted tights.

Colourful hairbands:
Whether you have short or long hair, those little strands of hair are inevitable and are bound to come over your face while working out. Push them back with a stretchable hairband. You can use a thick cotton hairband or even a few of the thinner ones. Add some colours to your headband and get funky with them. Choose from blues, pinks, yellows and so on. Colourful headgear can really perk up your look and your workout.

Minimal makeup:
It is really essential to prep up your skin for your workout. Use a good wipe to clean your face and remove any traces of makeup. Exercising with make up can lead to bad breakouts. Avoid using foundation or any other makeup, though a good waterproof mascara is an option. It is a great way to define your eyes and avoid any smudging while working out.