How to buy Bridal lingerie
Special day of your life

It is the most special day of your life, we want to help make it just perfect for you…

Imagine the morning of your big day, you’ve just put on your wedding dress, you take a look in the mirror and realise oh no!!
“I can see my bra straps!”
“Gosh these knickers are smaller than I thought!”

Here are some tips prettysecrets would like to share for all you would be brides.

  • Shop for your wedding lingerie with the same amount of scheduling and time that you did for your wedding dress.
  • Go shopping with a person who you share a great comfort level with, who knows your personality and understands your style.
  • Always remember your shopping partner plays an important role in choosing your bridal lingerie.
  • Try the lingerie on with your wedding dress. Just because it fits and looks good on your body does not mean it will fit or look good with your wedding dress.
  • Always go for comfort, satin and silk they are all time favourites for bridal lingerie as they are comfortable. Avoid going for any bra with annoying wires that might cut into your side on the wedding day.
  • Choose the right colour according to your wedding dress. Bridal lingerie is more than just red. Just like the shades of love, passion, lust, and devotion vary, so should the mood and color palette of your lingerie. The new hues that are ruling the roost, include shades of lavender, maroon, rose, purple, and plum.
  • If you have a big bust, avoid styles like push up, cross back, halter neck and strapless.
  • Buy an extra pair of what you plan to wear on your wedding day. Accidents happen ! You can leave the tags on and return them after the wedding if you don’t end up using them.

Bras under blouses

  • Low neckline – If you have decided on a sexy low neckline, you must opt for a strapless bra. Often, brides are unhappy with the kind of support provided by strapless bras. If you fall under this category, go for plunge bras. They provide adequate support and at the same time can be concealed easily.
  • Backless Blouses – Backless blouses are really popular among brides. After all they add an oomph factor to your overall look ! You can pair your backless blouse with an adhesive or stick on bra.
  • Heavy Blouses – Many brides complain about flat bust look when they wear blouses with a lot of stone and bead work. Opt for padded bras, if this problem sounds familiar to you. These bras provide you better shape and add definition to your chest area.
  • Figure Hugging Lehengas – Many brides wear normal underwear only to realise that their panty lines are visible. It is essential to buy good quality seamless underwear which will not show up.

Nightwear This is your chance to show off your sexy bride side, be it on your first night or your honeymoon. Not sure of what to wear? That’s what we’re here for ! What fabric is more bridal than lace or satin ? It’s sexy yet innocent at the same time.

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Bridal lingerie should be a reflection of your personal style. Considering that you’ll be on your feet and around cameras all day it’s absolutely essential that you choose lingerie you’re comfortable in. Check our Bridal collection here