How to be Mysterious
and have a good time

Being mysterious is Sexy. With a capital S. We all know that. We’re attracted to people who aren’t what they seem um… why again? and we pride ourselves on having something up our sleeves, on not being predictable, on being enigmatic. And we’re all happy about being big complicated puzzles waiting to be solved by PC. Good ol’ Prince Charming.

We all want to be a mystery and most importantly, we want to be a mystery worth solving. It’s quite an interesting game we play; this game of what to keep a secret, what not to, and when to whip out said secret. But it’s fun isn’t it? It’s fun to play it. It’s also fun to be around people who play it. It makes life a little more exciting. A lot more exciting.

So, think you need a little more mystery about yourself?

Try a few of the following:

  1. Blush at random moments. Best if preceded by staring into space, with a glazed look, and a soft smile.
  2. Every time you meet your friends, alter a part of your personality a little bit. Party Lover last time? Coffee Shop Loving Nerd this time!
  3. Keep changing your goal in life. The more drastic the leaps, the better. Yesterday you wanted to be a Professor of Nuclear Physics. Today you may want to be a professional Flamenco Dancer. Tomorrow you might want to be an Animal Trainer.
  4. Keep texting, never saying to whom. If you can manage a wicked smile, even better.
  5. Disappear from the social scene for a week; no calling or texting either. When you “get back” you tell your friends, this new guy you met flew you out to Greece for a bit. And it was “crazy” and “they should really go”. Fake tan/slight change in accent recommended.
  6. Show up at people’s houses in the middle of the night and whisk them away for an adventure.
  7. Start taking random classes like Trampoline Jumping or Glass Blowing. Or that class where you hang off the ceiling from long, really long, scarves. (Yes, people do that).
  8. Drink a lot of coffee. Odd stuff, sorry, Mysterious stuff, will happen naturally.
  9. Quote some heavy thinkers non sequitur; like Rumi, or Hemingway.
  10. OK, we agree that all this sounds a little goofy; but the best way to be mysterious, and coincidentally, the best way to make the most of life, is to have fun, and do what you want to do, and be what you want to be in this (and every) moment. So go on, get wet in the rain, have a picnic for breakfast, or drag your friend out of bed to watch the sunset.

We’re all mysterious. Whether we try to be, or not. You’re all sexy. When you try and even when you don’t…