Hottest lingerie colours
Must-haves in your lingerie drawer

Every new year and with every slight change in the season, we would love to refresh our wardrobes with the latest trends and fashions. From the coldest days to the hottest nights, PrettySecrets is dedicated to keeping you on trend and fashion-conscious! And when it comes to fashion trends, colours probably play the most vital role! So today we are going to give you a forecast on 2015′s most trending colours and the must-have colours in your lingerie drawer this year.

It is without a doubt that the colours we wear coincide with the season. The different tones set the mood and mould the appearance of the fashion season. And we love colours! After looking at the latest trends in lingerie, we have noticed that in 2015, there will be a shift into cool tones, straying away from the typical pastel blues, pinks and greens.

It seems that 2014 was quite a bold one if we consider the colours! Neons, metallics, blood reds, shocking pinks and so on. But for 2015, the colours have toned down to cooler ones. As though royal metallics and jewel tones, along with a balance of closely pitched low-tones from 2014, creates a harmonious ripe colour palette for the 2015 forecast. The pine greens and custard yellows along with the strawberry ice pinks and scuba blues are a remotely fresh take on next year.

Pine Green is a soothing green shade whose time has really come again. Fresh and clarifying, cool and refreshing, pine green has a minty glow. To feel fresh you should add this bra to your closet for those burning summer days.


Well all our pink lovers, don’t be disappointed that 2015 doesn’t have any pink on its colour palette. It actually has. The colour is called Strawberry Ice. Doesn’t it sound cute? We are totally in love with this shade.


Scuba Blue conveys a sense of carefree playfulness. So if you are planning holidays in some tropical place, this shade is a must have for your lingerie bag!


Sweet and sunny, Custard yellow is a cheering tone that brings thoughts of relaxation and comfort food. I mean, how delicious the word ‘Custard’ sounds! It’s an essential for all those who have a serious sweet tooth. ;)


Just because the anticipated colour palette for 2015 has been announced, doesn’t mean you have to wait many moons for these looks to dominate your wardrobe. If you love fashion just as much as we do, you will probably want your hands on these lustful trends before they take off and are everywhere. What are waiting for? Get your girlfriends and plan for a lingerie shopping day out!