Hot Nights In!
Movies to watch on a date night

Looks like our pretty girl is in luuvv (or at least getting there), right? That means for your date night, you’ve already arranged for pillows on the couch, cooked (or ordered) some yummy food, and have kept popcorn ready to be put in the microwave! Now all you have to do is rent/download a movie for a perfect romantic evening, and of course dress the part! Here are a few sweet & sexy romcoms to watch on a date!

When your love story didn’t start “at the first sight…”

Hum Tum: A movie where the lead actors don’t fall in love at the first sight – refreshing, right? Saif Ali Khan is basically a Casanova who eventually falls in love with no-nonsense girl Rani Mukerji. Both of them will keep you entertained with their playful banter. Besides, it will teach you one important real-life lesson – it is possible to fall in love the second time, all you have to do is allow yourself to do that.

How to dress: If you’ve planned a nice a dinner before your movie, then you obviously need to dress up! Depending on your comfort level you can either go for a cute polka dress or a sexy bodycon dress.

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When you fell in love with your best friend!

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na: It’s a typical friends-turned-into-lovers story. It’s a typical ‘opposites attract’ story. It’s a typical story about how youngsters confuse friendship for love and vice versa. But even with all its typicalities, it’s one movie that you’ll relate to. And even the songs are so much fun; probably you two can sing-along!

How to dress: You’re having a date with your best friend; all you need is popcorn, pillows and cute pjs and get cozy with him.

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When you’re totally committed to each other.

The Five-Year Engagement: The movie revolves around a young couple’s long journey to the alter. They’re madly in love but somehow they keep hitting a series of speed bumps that threatens to break them up. If you’ve been in a committed relationship for long, you’d probably be able to relate to the issues and the differences that the couple faces in the movie.

How to dress: Our collection of short chemises is perfect for you. It’s really comfy (since you don’t have to try too hard) and sexy enough (‘coz you don’t want to get too complacent!).

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When it’s kind of a ‘secret affair’!

Saathiya: In a typical Bollywood movie, parents are always troublesome and against love; esp when the two families differ in caste or class. Sounds familiar to you? Well, this movie is all about how the protagonists defy all odds and then go on to live happily ever-after. The movie does become a little serious towards the end, but it’s still a perfect romantic story to watch with your man. In fact, there are some really nice date-ideas in the movie which you can implement in your future dates!

How to dress: Well, when it’s a secret affair, ‘date night’ at home comes occasionally and that’s why it should be truly cherished. Dress up in our sexy sheer tops to make the evening hot and spicy.

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When it’s all fun and ‘no strings attached’!

Friends with Benefits: This funny romcom is about a young couple who, with much enthusiasm, enters into a no-strings-attached relationship but later find things getting ‘ironically’ complicated. This is not your typical cheesy, romantic film, so it will be perfect for you if you’re looking for a cool, casual comedy with a hint of romance.

How to dress: Sexy babydolls for you all the way… after all, you’re friends with “benefits”! :P

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