Hazards of a wet Lingerie Day

When you think about the rains you think of a drizzle washed window pane, the bokeh of city lights, warm coffee by the bedside, soft music, and a romantic date. Right? But not me, and here’s why!

When I look at rain I’m thinking frizzy hair. I have no choice but to dawn on my afro! Because rain in the air equals moisture in the hair.

Not enough dry clothes. Yes, that includes underwear. And in a desperate attempt to dry them all, you have to ingeniously use all the furniture in the house. Your sofa now is a seat for two bras and a dress you need to wear for the party next evening! Sounds familiar? Everything is so damp!

No room for rooftop parties – the sun is down and so are the sundowners! And let’s take a minute to mourn the days of less make-up because God forbid if it pours cats and dogs, your office look of the day would be straight from sets of Grudge.

We also have to reroute ourselves from the puddle-huddle situation. And brave the traffic! And let’s not forget that the nip in the air comes with a bout of fever and tornado of sneezes!

I am not a fan of rains unless it rains confetti and cupcakes and lingerie.