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5 Panties Every Girl Should Own

The world of panties is wide and beautiful… from bikinis and boyshorts, to thongs and hipsters, to lace, seamless, g-strings and whatnot! And yet, the ubiquitous panty often ends up playing second fiddle to bras. By and large, we give more importance, spend more money on bras than knickers. So before you let another year pass by being unclear or uninterested about your panties, take a look at these must-have panties that every girl should own.

Playful printed panties:

By now you know the PrettySecrets’ mantra, right? Yes, it’s all about being young, fun and sexy! And what better way to have fun than to put on a cheeky panty that either totally defines you or perfectly captures your naughty mood of the day. Whether it’s a crazy day at college or a boring day at work, you can always add some ‘sexy’, ‘naughty’ spice underneath your outfit :p

Playful printed panties Products featured above: Super Girl Bikini|Be Fabulous Bikini

No-show seamless panties:

Worried about visible panty lines (VPLs) under your pants, dresses or skirts, seamless panties will come to your rescue. For all your body-hugging outfits regular panties just won’t do. So unless you’re totally comfortable with g-strings, your only other option is going seamless! In fact, it’s also the best option for workouts. Even if you’re soaked in sweat, you can be sure there will be no embarrassment.

No-show seamless panties Products featured above: Skin & Lilac Thongs|Seagreen Navy Hipster

Shape panties:

A girl’s worst fear is to end up looking plump and pudgy in a fitted dress! Well, that’s why it’s imperative to invest in some real good tummy tuckers. These shape panties will gently contour your waist to give you a slimmer appearance on occasions you need it the most.

Shape panties Products featured above: Pink Rose Tummy Tucker|Beige Zebra Tummy Tucker

On-the-go hipsters:

For those busy mornings, or ‘I don’t have time to dress up’ evenings, hipsters (or briefs) are your saviours. They’re comfy, light, and effortless, plus they offer great coverage, and they come all colours! What’s more, you can get ‘em in lace, cotton and even sheer, so just pick the choice of your fabric, your colour and you’re good to go!

On-the-go hipsters Products featured above: Peach Bridal Lacy Hipster|Pink Camouflage Cheely Hipster

Lacy thongs:

Practical or not, lace thongs are one of the sexy must-haves of your lingerie drawer. Lace makes you feel sensual and sexy and the thong brings the oomph in the attitude.Regardless whether someone is going to see it or not, it’s your absolute right to feel sexy whenever you want it. So make sure you’ve a stock of it!

Lacy thongs Products featured above: Mind Blowing Lacy Thong|String Fling Thong