Gym Bag Essentials
Accessorize your workout wardrobe

We’ve all been in an “Oh-fish, I forgot this again” situation, haven’t we? If you always find yourself arriving at the gym and then realising you’ve forgotten something, then you need an easy cheat sheet on what you should always carry in your gym bag. Here’s how to accesorise your workout with this must-carry gear in order to save those rough early mornings/evenings when you barely have a minute to pull it together.

Water bottle:

Hydration is important, even you know that. Invest in a nice medium-sized sipper that’s compact enough to carry and large enough to keep you hydrated throughout your workout. Make sure you wash it thoroughly every week. You can even match your water bottle with your sports bra for some gym swag.

2-in-1 hair + body wash:

Don’t clutter your bag with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face wash and whatnot. There are plenty of really good products like 2-in-1 hair and body wash that will keep your gym-bag light along with keeping you fresh and clean.

Extra tank top:

When you plan to workout like a beast, it’s obvious you would sweat. A nice, trendy tank top would not only keep you dry on your way home, but would also be handy in case you want to catch up with a friend over a coffee or do some grocery shopping. Or even just to flaunt your toned body :P

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Nutrition bar:

If you usually don’t have time to eat something pre or post your workout, then it’s better to prep your bag with nutrition bars (that doesn’t need refrigeration) that can be munched on-the-go for instant energy.

Lip balm:

Exercising in a fully air-conditioned gym can leave your lips dry. Now, after working so hard for a good physique, you don’t want to leave the gym with bad lips; right? Besides, you don’t want to smile at that hottie with cracked lips!

Extra underwear:

Do we even need to justify this item on the list? It’s a must-carry option, especially if you don’t leave the gym without steam, sauna and shower!

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One of the most important item on the list, deodrant usage is a must for every gym-goer. ‘Coz let’s admit it, you want to smell like a princess – not like a pig!

Head band:

Just to keep hair out of your face! If you often find yourself getting irritated with your hair stuck on your sweaty face, find some good cloth headbands.

After-gym shorts:

While most workout leggings are made with moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you cool, changing into shorts is still a comfortable option. Carry a bright, chic pair that will reflect your post-workout radiance.

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Pain-relief spray:

If you’re into rigorous workout, it’s always better to carry a spray that will give you an instant relief from muscle aches or soreness. This also happens when you try a new workout or a fitness regime.

Your full fitness gear:

Everyone needs a kick-ass workout gear in which they can exercise to look good and look good exercising! Something that is both fashionable and functional.

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