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Summer lingerie must-haves

Summer is in full swing. The bright yellows, the pretty peaches, the passion reds, the vivid oranges…’em colours have taken over the streets, the wardrobes, the boutiques and the very souls of all the PYTs. You’ve been sporting these hues in cotton sundresses, linen pants, silk scarves, chambray skirts and what not!

While it’s great to have outfits in 50 shades of summer-colours, it’s also important to consider what you wear underneath your clothes in this hot, sultry season! You need innerwear that keeps you cozy, comfy and sweat-free without compromising on the ‘sexy’ factor. Here are a few lingerie must-haves for the upcoming warmer months.


Snug, sexy t-shirt bras: When it’s hot and humid outside, it’s only wise to wear cotton brassiere that will allow your skin to breathe. And yes, preferably without wires! Cotton is not only softer on the skin, but it’s also more comfortable than the synthetic materials. And our snug-sexy collection is designed for the same. In fact, it also has a plunging neckline, so you don’t have to worry about your low-cut t-shirts or dresses.

Colour pick: Perk up your sunny days in forest greens and sunshine yellows.

PrettySecrets Blazing Yellow Snug-Sexy Wireless Bra PrettySecrets Grass Green Snug-Sexy Wireless Bra Cheeky-Panties

Cheeky cotton panties: The hot weather is probably playing havoc with your mood, and one instant way to perk it up is by wearing panties that brings out your flirty side – and of course, a large cup of cold coffee! Just remember one thing, if you’re wearing light-coloured bottoms, make sure you put on appropriately-coloured panties… unless your intention is to show-off your friends the kind of cheeky mood you’re in!

Colour pick: Stay cool in hot pinks and pretty peach.

PrettySecrets Sexy Bikini Panty Pack Bralette

Lace lingerie set: Summer or winter, lace lingerie is a mandatory must-have for every girl. It makes you feel good, sexy and oh-so ultra feminine, no matter what day, time, or season! Not just that, studies have proved that women who wear matching bra and panty have a higher confidence rate giving them an edge over everyone else. Besides, every once in a while, you deserve to feel like a princess. So, lace it up, girls!

Colour pick: Pamper yourself with fuschia pink and sweet lime!

PrettySecrets Lime Lace Bralette Prettysecrets Fuschia Lace Push Up Bra Tummy-Tucker

Sexy Tummy Tucker: Summer season calls for summer dresses – lots and lots of it! Short and sweet, long and flowy, whatever your choice is; for that special date night, or for that fun girl’s night out, this piece will shape you up and make you look fabulous instantly.                                    Colour pick: Keep it basic with nude rose and classic black.

PrettySecrets Nude Rose Tummy Tucker PrettySecrets Black Floral Tummy Tucker Colourful-Straps

Bra with colorful straps: In all probability, the summer season will bring out the pure whites, the pretty pastels, the soft linens and the sheer cottons from your closet. If that’s the case with you also, and you’re going to end up wearing a lot of light-coloured tops, then you must invest in bras with really vivid, colourful straps. It will make your outfit more bright and funky!

Colour pick: Jazz up your whites with royal blues and fuschia pinks.

PrettySecrets Blue Animal Allure Bra PrettySecrets Fuschia Lace Allure Bra Seamless-Panties

Sexy Seamless panty: Seamless panties are the most comfortable and they will save you from visible panty lines (VPLs). So even if the heat leaves your dress soaked in sweat, you can be sure there will be no embarrassment.                                    Colour pick: A hot day calls for hot magenta.

PrettySecrets Pink Allure Hipster Panty