Girls, Dress Up Your Nails!
Super-Easy DIY Nail Art Ideas

Okay, so money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly can buy nail polish… and it’s kind of the same thing, right? Nails, make that well-maintained, well-manicured nails, are an extension of you and your personality. And these days, painting your nails in one single colour is simply not enough, nah-ah! You’ve got to be creative, be artistic so that it reflects your individuality or even your mood.

So whether you want to dress up your nails for the much-awaited Saturday night, for a big meeting at the office, for that lazy brunch with your gal-pals, or for that special date… we have collated some really cool DIY nail art for different occasions.

For fun, flirty nights: So you’ve got big plans for Saturday night. You’re gonna go club-hopping, you’re gonna let your hair down and your only intention is to dance the night away. Well, we’ve found a nail art idea that will absolutely go with any dress you pick! Nail hack:  Use a sponge to apply the glitter nail polish. Blend.


For a romantic date: As clichéd as it sounds, red is the colour of romance. Period. It’s a colour at denotes pure passion. So if you’ve got a date with ‘Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome’ than that’s the colour you should choose for your evening rendezvous. In fact, along with the tips on nails, allow us to give you a few ideas on the ensemble as well. Nail hack: Use cello tape for vertical/horizontal stripes.


For a big day at the office: Some client is coming down and you desperately need to bring out your A-game. While, of course, you can’t dramatise your outfit, you certainly can be a little creative with your nails that’s eye-catching and understated at the same time. Nail hack: For extra gloss and plump look use gel nail paint.

Nail-Art-3 & 4

For a lazy Sunday brunch: It’s Sunday and all you want to do is sip on some good wine, lounge around with ur friends and indulge in some harmless gossip. Since laziness is the order of the day, we’ve selected an easy-peasy nail art design that doesn’t require much effort from your end. Nail hack: Create dots using a toothpick or Bobby pin.

For extra creative days: Friends cancelled the weekend plan; boyfriend out of town? Well, that means you’ve got extra time on your hands and extra time calls for extra creativity. Here goes. Nail hack: 1. Apply white nail polish and let it dry completely. 2. Dip finger nail into rubbing alcohol. Let it soak for about 10-15 seconds. 3. Take a piece of newspaper and press it firmly onto the wet nail for about 15 seconds. 4. Apply a transparent top coat for a smoother finish.


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