Getaway Ready
Top Beach Destinations in India

All you Beach Bums out there, who’ve already planned or planning their next paradise getaway before the sun sets on summer and the rain gods appear, we’ve shortlisted some of the sexiest beach destinations you ought to be hitting this season! So get some fresh lime soda in your hand, maybe put on a straw hat, but more importantly get into the i-feel-sand-between-my-toes zone and scroll away! And yes, hope your body is beach-ready ‘coz these are also one of the best bikini destinations (yes, in India!) where you get a chance to flaunt your sexy curves. So girl, are you ready?

Palolem Beach, South Goa:

With its lustrous white sand and warm shallow bathing waters, Palolem is like a magical disneyland for water babies! Adorned with a zillion palm trees and sun-bright huts in dazzling yellows and brights oranges, this place is perfect to get away from your city-blues. And did we tell you it offers dolphin viewing? Oh, yes. Perfect bikini: A vivid place like this calls for vivid colours. And there’s nothing brighter than this neon pink halter bikini.

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Varkala Beach, Kerala:

Straight from ‘God’s Own Country’ is a sleepy li’l coastal town called Varkala, and trust us, it’s a traveller’s cocoon (especially the North cliff). At sunset, the landscape of this beach will take your breath away when you see the golden sun sinking into the sea. Besides, you’ll be spoilt for choice if you fancy an Ayurvedic massage or yoga. Perfect bikini: A cute polka print high-waist bikini goes perfect with this quaint Kerala town.

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Agatti Island, Lakshadweep:

Getting to Lakshwadeep islands is not an easy task (you require government permission and other jazz), and it’s certainly not easy on the pocket. But if you crave to see the most crystal clear blue waters and coral reef full of colourful fish, then head to Agatti Island. In fact, this is the only island with a commercial airport where you can have an awesome view of the airstrip. FYI, this place is for solitude seekers, not party-hoppers! Perfect bikini: A place like this should have you looking like a mysterious mermaid, and this beautiful sultry strap monokini does the trick!

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Candolim Beach, North Goa:

For the wild and the free, for the ones who love cold, unpredictable waves, for the ones who love salty breeze on the face, then this tropical heaven is for you. Dotted with abundant shacks who can serve up a full English breakfast with the same deftness as a traditional Goan meal, this is also the place for seafood aficionados, karaoke lovers and shopping enthusiasts. Perfect bikini: Let your free-spirit shine through with this perfect paisley halter bikini.

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Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island:

Known for its turquoise blue waters and famous for its scuba diving courses, Radhanagar (Andaman) is a backpackers paradise! You could be an adventure-junkie or a romantic soul, this place caters to both. No wonder it was bestowed with the award of ‘Asia’s best beach’ by TIME Magazine in 2004. Perfect bikini: When the water’s so blue, shouldn’t so be your bikini? Say what, you sea-goddess?

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