Get Shorty
Style Your Denim Cut-offs

The one really cool thing about denim shorts is that they’re multi-dimensional. Whether your style is casual or polished, sporty or trendy, quirky or modish, a good pair of cut-offs has never let anyone down. Besides being a perennial summer classic, shorts are fabulously versatile and it’s something of a fashion staple that you ought to have in your wardrobe.

While you already might have your usual way of styling ‘em shorties, there are several different ways to jazz up your favourite piece of clothing. So buckle up, and take a look:


The grunge girl: Grunge style is all about wearing your clothes in careless, carefree manner. Popularised in the 90s (thanks to the rock bands), this style specifically is for the ones who’re nonchalant and has an i-care-two-hoots attitude. You can perfect this look with a quirky top, a leather jacket, a pair of boots and maybe some goth accessories!

PrettySecrets Leopard Print Back Open Strappy Top Beach

The beach babe: Florals always look better at the beach. Bright, dramatic and full of colours, that’s the kind of top you should opt for when planning to spend your day by the seaside. And for that extra glamour, wear a bikini inside instead of a regular bra. Top it with a straw hat, slip-ons and you’re good to go!

PrettySecrets Floral Print Tie-up Shirt Home

At home: One word – oversized shirts! Be it plaid or plain; loose, oversized, cotton shirts are perfect for a lazy day at home. Comfort over chic, ease over complexity, when at home, you need something free-flowing, something that won’t constrict your movements regardless you’re on the couch watching TV or in the kitchen cooking your favorite dish. And yes, if you don’t have one, you can always borrow from your boyfriend! :P

PrettySecrets Black Convertible Sleeve Versatile Shirt Party

That party night: On days when you don’t feel like dressing up, denim shorts can come to your rescue without compromising on your style quotient. You can turn your daily look into a super glamorous one with the right party top and sexier-than-thou heels! And, of course, red hot lips and a bling-sling!

PrettySecrets Flame Orange Flirty Bling Halter Top Event

At swanky events: How do you wear cut-offs to an event attended by the la-di-das of the city, you ask? Well, you can (unless, of course, it’s an evening formal-attire-only occasion). Anyhoo, all you need is a picture-perfect white blazer and golden accessories for that polished, regal look. And don’t forget heels. You’re a PS girl, and you were born to tower over all the other social butterflies!

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